Update About Garbage/Recycling Pick-Up

Hello everyone,

We have heard that an area waste service will be picking up tomorrow. Unfortunately we can’t confirm it is our service or one of the others that works in Clermont. Waste Pro did not answer calls today so we could not confirm with them. If you want to try putting your cans out tonight/early tomorrow please do so.

If they do come by then great. If they don’t come by then we will have to wait until next Thursday. The HOA just asks that if they don’t show that you please bring your cans in at the end of the day.

Thank you.

Tropical Storm Ian Update #9

Good morning everyone,

Hurricane Ian is now a tropical storm and is located over Palm Bay. Its path is projected to go out over the Atlantic and then swing back towards South Carolina. Winds are still gusty and rain is still coming down. This should slowly die down as the day goes on but please stay home and off the roads unless it is an emergency. Once you feel it is safe to go out and drive please avoid roads with standing water as you don’t know what debris or hazards may be below the water level.

Please stay safe.

Current Path of TS Ian

Hurricane Ian Update #8

Good morning everyone,

Hurricane Ian is making landfall this morning with South Florida. It is still projected to pass to the East of our area but close enough to bring the rain and wind.

The rain has begun in our area and wind gusts will start later in the day. Please monitor TV or radio broadcasts on the storm.

Everyone please be safe. Stay home and off the roads if you can. I will post updates when I can.

Hurricane Ian Path Wednesday Morning

Hurricane Ian Update #7

Hello everyone,

Ian’s path has shifted to the East more. The path earlier today took it right over Lake County and now the latest path shows it passing further to the East. Still please be careful and stay home if you can. Rain and wind will begin tomorrow and tornados are a possibility. Again, please bring in any items around your house that could be blown around. This includes your trash/recycle bins.

Ian’s Projected Path @ 8 PM tonight

Here is a screen grab from an app showing a closer view of the path in our area. The path is now East of us but still close.

Schools, theme parks, and many stores have already announced closures for the next few days.

Take care!

Hurricane Ian Update #6

Hello everyone,

This morning Hurricane Ian maintains it’s course coming ashore in the Tampa area. Below the graphic is a message sent out by Premier Management. Please stay safe.

In light of the impending weather forecast for Central Florida, we are asking you to take proactive steps to ensure the safety of your community. 

Here are a few actions which we have currently taken for your community:

  • Your landscaping company has been contacted and will be on standby to remove debris from the streets to allow for safe navigation after the storm. 
  • If your community is gated, Premier has consulted with your Board and coordinated their instructions with the gate company.
  • If your community has a pool, it will be secured and may be closed for a few days due to the storm.
  • If you have an emergency, call 911. 
  • If you need to report any major issues you may contact the management company at 407-333-7787 and follow directions for the emergency dispatch services.  Please use this number to report major issues only.

Some important reminders:

  • Flying debris is the main cause of broken windows or damage to homes.  PLEASE be sure to secure any & all exterior items that could become airborne.
  • Monitor the progress of the storm through local television stations, FEMA or through your county.

Hurricane Ian Update #4

Good morning residents,

The latest forecast shows Ian’s path has shifted East and will skim along the St. Pete/Tampa area and land just above the area. This will certainly bring heavy rains and winds to our area.

Below is the wind probabilities for the storm. We will certainly feel the winds so please bring in any items around your yard that can be blown about – lawn furniture, grills, pots, etc.

Wind Probability for Ian

You can keep up to date with storm information on TV and online. As Ian gets closer most of our local stations will flip over to constant storm coverage.

Please keep in mind traffic on I-4 East bound will be heavy as people leave the West coast so your commute might be affected on the highway.

Everyone please stay safe.