Hearing Committee Volunteer Needed & More

Hello residents,

We are looking for a volunteer to join our Hearing Committee. If you are interested or would like more information please contact Ricardo Mesorana, our HOA President, at rmesorana2@gmail.com .

The Board members would like to remind everyone that according to state law motorized [battery] scooters are not allowed on the streets unless the operator has a license. Sidewalks are fine, but not the streets. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Premier office.

Have a great weekend.

Dog Attack Last Night

Hello residents,

Last night one resident was walking their two dogs on Autumn Glen when another pair of dogs being walked by someone else attacked. It was severe enough that one was taken to a vet for treatment. Until we get full details please be cautious when walking your pets. If you see any pets/owners you don’t recognize please be careful. If you know about this incident or who was involved please call Premier or email WestonHillsHOA@gmail.com .

Thank you.