Announcing Our Holiday Contests!

Hello residents!

We want to announce two contests we are holding for the holiday season:

The first contest is a Holiday Decoration Hunt! We will be posting a page soon with various pictures of decorations that can be found in our neighborhood. Just find the house number & street name where each decoration can be found. On December 26th we will randomly choose 5 winners from the correct entries (one entry per household) with each one winning a $20 Publix gift card. Full directions on how to enter will be on the web page, coming soon.

Our second contest will be a Holiday Decorating contest! During the week of Christmas a member of a neighboring HOA will come in to tour our community and select a first and second place winner for best Holiday decorations. So if you haven’t put up your decorations you still have time! First place wins a $50 Publix gift card and second place wins a $25 Publix gift card.

Garbage/Recycling/Yard Waste for Next Week

Hello everyone,

Due to Thursday being a holiday, our pick-up services will be pushed back to the next day:

Garbage and Recycling will be picked-up on Friday

Yard waste will be picked up on Saturday

Please do not put your cans out early! This can lead to attracting more bears to the neighborhood if your garbage sits out for several days.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

Another Bear Sighting

We want to remind everyone that a bear was again spotted in the neighborhood in the early morning hours. Please be attentive to your surroundings if you are out during the night time and make sure your garbage is in your cans. Secure them in your garage if you are able to.

Black Bear In the Community

Hello everyone,

A large black bear was seen in our community this morning. One sighting was at 3:30 AM on Mayflower Loop and then at 6:30 AM on Bay Vista.

As you can see from this security cam picture, the bear has a bag of garbage in its mouth. It is critical that trash not be left out. Keep it in your trash can and keep the lid closed. We had an issue with bears in our community last year attracted to the area because trash cans were put out too early by many residents [pick-up was pushed back that week because of a Monday holiday].

Irene is investigating buying bear-proof trash cans. They were looked into previously when bears were reported but we could not find any due to high demand for them.

For now, please be cautious if you are walking your pets or taking a jog. Do not approach a bear nor attempt to feed them anything. Keep your trash cans inside your garage, if possible. Bears are easily scared off by noise. Please see the video below on what to do if you encounter one in the community.

We will send out any updates as they come in.

Trick-or-Treating Hours

Hello residents,

Trick-or-Treating will be held this Sunday, from 5 PM to 8 PM.

If you aren’t participating, please keep your porch lights off, and if you are going door-to-door please by-pass those homes.

Thank you, and please drive carefully if you are driving through the neighborhood.

Update on Autumn Glen Disturbance

Hello everyone,

Last night (Tuesday, October 19th) a young man was walking Autumn Glen and ringing doorbells needing directions. This happened after 10 PM and several residents contacted either the authorities or Irene.

We want to give an update to the residents who reported this:

The gentleman lives in the community and was lost and disoriented. The police found him and were able to get him home. We thank them for their help in the matter.