Submitting ARC Forms Reminder

Hello residents,

We wanted to remind residents (and let our newest residents know) that ARC requests are submitted through the following website:

Remember, most changes to the outside of your home require an approval from the HOA. This includes things like re-painting your exterior or having your roof replaced. Please go to that website to start the process for approval.

We hope this helps!

Reminder on Recycling

Hello residents,

We want to remind everyone that recycling cans will not be picked up for the next 3 weeks, at least. We will let you know when Waste Pro resumes pick-up. Please keep your recycle bins in your regular storage location until pick-ups resume.

We want to also let new residents know that trash and recycling cans can not be stored in view on the side of your house or in front of your garage. They must be in your garage or in your back yard.

Thank you.

School Supply Tax Free Week Starts Tomorrow & More

Hello everyone,

Florida’s Tax Free week for school supplies starts tomorrow, July 25th, and runs through August 7th. Please view the PDF document below for complete details, including a list of all items included.


Happy shopping!

We want to remind home owners that when cutting your grass please do not sweep or blow your leaves & clippings into the storm drains. Grass and leaves will clump together and eventually block the pipes and we will have to call a service to clean them out with the cost coming out of our HOA budget. This can lead to higher HOA dues.

Thank you!

HOA Meeting & Recycling

Hello everyone,

A reminder that our monthly HOA meeting will be this Thursday, July 21st, at 6:30 PM inside the club house. The agenda for the meeting has been posted on out Meeting Minutes page.

As for the recycling issue: I have heard that Waste Pro will pick up both cans this week but your recycling can will be emptied into the truck with the trash. Then no recycling pick up for a few weeks. Right now projected date for a return to the regular pick-up schedule is the week of August 15th.

There are several postings on about this issue in our area. Some people have been in touch with the County Commissioner over this problem. They were told Waste Pro is being fined each day they do not provide the service they were contracted for and that fine amount will be applied to residents’ property taxes. I can’t vouch for the validity of this but feel free to go to NextDoor and type in “Waste Pro” in the search bar, then scroll down to the postings if you want to read or participate in the discussions.

If the pick-up schedule resumes early or there is some other change I will post it here.

Thank you.

Waste Pro Suspending Recycling Pick-Ups

Hello everyone,

Waste Pro has made an announcement suspending recycling pick-ups for 30 days due to a major staffing shortage. Please see possible options below what you can do during this time.

  • Dispose of your recycling in your trash bin. Be aware that Waste Pro will not pick-up bags of trash that don’t fit in your can so don’t leaves bags next to your cans.
  • Recycling can be taken to the Log House Rd Transfer Facility. I called them to confirm they can take recycling but with some caveats: You must be able to empty your can or throw bags into the dumpster on your own; there is nothing to lift a can up into it. This location is only open on Wednesdays & Saturdays from 8 AM to 5 PM and their dumpster can fill up as early as 2 PM.
  • Recycling can be taken to the main dump in Tavares. They are a further drive but are open Monday through Saturday.

None of these options are great alternatives. I’ll post news and updates as they come out.