A Note From the HOA Board About July 4th Weekend

Our HOA Board would like to remind all residents to please be careful when using fireworks this weekend:

  • Set them off in your driveway only; do not use sidewalks or the street
  • Supervise children; do not let them set off fireworks without adult supervision present
  • Please clean up when you are done and have a bucket or water or a hose ready in case of an emergency
  • Please be considerate of your neighbors. We ask that all fireworks usage be done by 10 PM.

Remember that Monday is the July 4th holiday so our garbage, recycling, and yard waste pick-ups will be pushed back one day.

Thank you and please have a safe July 4th weekend.

Photo by Big Bear Vacations on Pexels.com

Suspicious Activity in Community

Hello residents,

We’ve had reports of teens in the neighborhood going into unlocked cars and open garages.

If you see any activity like this please call 911 to report.

‘To protect yourself please make sure your vehicles are locked and there are no valuables (wallet, keys, purse, etc.) visible. Take them inside when possible. Do not leave items of value in your truck bed if you cannot secure them. And keep your garage doors closed if you are not actively in there.

Again, if you see anything suspicious please report it.

Thank you.

The First Storm of the Season Approaches

The first tropical storm of the season is poised to pass over our state this weekend.

Tropical Storm #1 current path

It is not projected to strengthen into hurricane status so it looks like our Saturday will have rain and wind, but unlikely any of it to be severe.

The path and strength of a storm can change at any time so please monitor local news or the NOAA web site for future forecasts. I will post any major storm changes here if they happen.

Stay safe this weekend.