Budget Meeting

A message from Premier Management:

Dear Weston Hills Owners and Residents:

The 2021 Budget/ Board meeting has been re- scheduled for Wednesday October 21, 2020 at 6:30 at the clubhouse as usual. Something went wrong with the first notice sent via the mailing vendor we use and notices have not been received by owners in a timely manner. You will probably still get them but please ignore the date of notice, the date has been moved to the 21st.  Included in that first notice was the actual proposed budget.  No increase in dues is recommended for next year.  We have attached the proposed budget with this email notice for your review.

We will not be having a Board meeting in November.  The next meeting will be December 10, 2020 at 6:30 PM at the clubhouse.

Also please be aware that we are officially asking you to pressure wash your driveway, sidewalks and curbs if it is needed.  We do have a vendor and some special pricing available to you if you would like.  Call our office for more details.    Thank you and have a great day!!

Web Site Work

In an effort to allow us to get away from our current hosting site and to change our email address to something other than GMail that doesn’t have a send limit, I will be doing some work to get everything moved. If the web site happens to be unavailable for awhile, please check back.

If something important comes up and out site is still down, I will post it on NextDoor for our neighborhood and also try to send out an E-Loop (if we haven’t hit our limit on sending again).

Also with this move I am hoping to have added features, like one that will auto-email everyone when we post on the web page instead of having to post and then write the email to be sent.

Thank you.

Key Replacements Tonight

To all residents, whether you received keys or not:

Key handout will resume today (Monday) at 5 PM until 9 PM at the club house.

If you received keys on Friday or Saturday, we ask that you come by, as well so we can confirm you were given the correct keys.

Please remember to get the pedestal number of your mailbox before you come (printed on the blue tape under your box). Also bring ID and a mask.

Hours for key give out tomorrow will be 12 noon to 6 PM.

Thank you.

Key Handout On Hold


Attention all Residents of Weston Hills HOA,

All mailbox key distribution has been cancelled until further notice. Once the Postal Office has a solution to the problem, we will be sending out more information. If you need any information, please call the Manger of the Postal office Spencer at (915)-355-9943. The Board of Directors of Weston Hills HOA would like to thank you for your patience.

Thank you,

Premier Association Management of Central Florida, Inc.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of

Weston Hills Homeowners Association, Inc.

Key Handouts Today, Saturday the 26th

Keys will be handed out today from 11 AM to 7 PM at the club house. This is for all boxes except for the Bay Vista set by Brook Hollow which arrived damaged. We are working to get a new set shipped.

Please remember to check the pedestal number on your new box and give it, along with your box number, to the volunteers. Also please have ID and a mask.

Times for key handouts on future days will be announced soon.

Please be patient as we expect a lot of residents to be at the club house today.

Residents who are out of town, please watch for a post in the next few days on how to get your keys.

Thank you.

Keys Available Until 7 PM

If you are in the first 3 box locations that we have keys for [Meadow Oaks, Mayflower, Wilshire Phase II side] volunteers will now be at the clubhouse until 7 PM tonight instead of 5 PM as originally posted.

All other mailbox locations can start picking up your keys tomorrow [Saturday] at 11 AM at the clubhouse.

Remember to get the pedestal number for your new box (on the blue tape on the box post) and give that pedestal number and your original mailbox number to the volunteers to get new keys. Also please remember to bring ID and a mask.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Lightning Strike Has Closed the Pools

Dear residents, due to a massive lightning strike on Labor Day our pool system was severely damaged. We have our pool maintenance working on the issue but we do not know when they will be re-opening.

We will post an announcement when they are up and working again.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Information on Mortgage Help During This Current Crisis

There is some confusion about mortgage assistance that the government is offering home owners during the coronavirus crisis. There is even reports of banks giving wrong information about the mortgages they hold. Please read the Sentinel article which goes into detail exactly what federal coronavirus relief measures allow.

Most homeowners can skip mortgage payments for up to a year, regardless of what their banks say

Scam Alert: Aptive Lawn Pest Control

Hello residents,

We had a salesperson in our neighborhood this evening trying to sign residents up for pest control under the company name of Aptive. The person gets into the neighborhood and then drives around on a hoverboard, door to door.

There are male and female salespeople, but they always drive around on a hoverboard to sign people up. The salespeople are dressed in polo shirts with the logo and khaki shorts or pants. They promise pest control for your yard and get a 3 month payment from a homeowner. But the service never gets done. 

If you try to contact the company, emails go unanswered and if you call them by phone they say they will only answer emails sent to them. This company is a scam. Do not get taken in by them.

The woman has been escorted out of Weston Hills, but if she comes back in (or any rep from Aptive) and you are asked to sign up for lawn pest control: 1) tell them soliciting is not allowed in the community and 2) call Irene on the HOA Board at 609-705-5733. She will have them kicked out of Weston Hills.

Thank you.