Tropical Storm Nicole Update #2

Hello everyone,

Nicole is on the same basic path though it has drifted a bit further north. Since the storm is passing over us on Thursday I have been trying to reach Waste Pro about our pick-up that day (been on hold for 25 minutes already). I am sure they will cancel services that day but I am trying to find out if they will move our service to Friday or blow us off completely like they did for Ian and we won’t get anything until Thursday of next week.

When I get their response I will post again. I would not put out your cans unless we get confirmation they will be here on storm day (again, I feel this is unlikely).

For more information on the Storm, please see the latest NOAA posting.

Subtropical Storm Nicole Update 1

Good morning everyone,

We now have Subtropical Storm Nicole making its way towards Florida. The current path has it coming ashore early on Thursday. We are looking at rain for several days with some wind gusts possibly starting on Wednesday. There are warnings out for beach goers about rough surf and rip currents already affecting them starting as early as today.

This storm could cancel or delay our garbage/recycling pick-up again and cause further headaches on yard-waste pick-up (which appears to have finally been done on Friday).

I will post when there is more information to get out to everyone. Please stay safe!

Tropical Storm Alert

Hello everyone,

We have one month left to Hurricane Season and it appears we may have another system forming and heading for our state. There’s a 70% chance it will become a storm and affect us. This will not be as severe as Ian but may bring squally winds and possible flooding. This may hit between Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ll post updates as they come in.

Pool/Playground Hours and Time Change

Hello everyone,

The Pool and Playground hours have changed to 9 AM – 5 PM effective immediately.

The return to Eastern Standard Time and the time change will happen Saturday night when you go to bed. Your clocks go back 1 hour, thus gaining an hour of sleep. Please be aware that the yard watering schedule will change, as well, to once a week waterings. Please see the table below for more information.

Voice Your Complaints About Lack of Yard Waste Pick-Up

Hello everyone,

We are going on almost 5 weeks without yard waste being removed. I haven’t been able to get confirmation that they will pick-up our community this Friday.

At this point I am urging all residents to please call the following places to lodge a complaint. Be polite, (no profanity, please) but let them know you are upset that the companies that get your taxes are not doing their job, nor keeping us updated. You may also ask them why the waste service for Clermont proper removed their yard waste shortly after the storm but we are still waiting.

Waste Pro – Call them at 352-343-9850 and lodge a complaint over our yard waste still sitting in our community.

Sean Parks, Commissioner District 2 – Sean Parks is our representative for our Four Corners area. Please call his office at 352-343-9800 and lodge a complaint that yard waste has not be removed from our community.

Call during business hours if you want a chance to speak to someone and again, please be civil when you call.

Waste Pro Fails to Pick-Up Again

Sorry everyone,

Waste Pro said they would make it this week for yard waste. I called Friday afternoon and was told they are picking up as fast as they can, and they might still show up on Saturday (which they didn’t). I will not post anymore updates that are released by Waste Pro about this yard waste pick-up as their info can’t be relied on. If I can get information from Lake County when the hauling service they hired will be in our area I will post then.

A set of keys on a Lexus keychain were found at the mailboxes by a resident. If you lost a set of keys please email me [ ] and I will put you in touch with the resident.