Update on Our Pools

Hello residents,

We’ve seen an inquiry on NextDoor.com asking about our pools. At this time the pool system is awaiting needed parts due to the lightning strike the system took late last year. That strike brought down the pool pumps, the attached electrical systems , and the sprinkler system for the club house & back field area. Repairs for the sprinklers have been ongoing but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been waiting on parts to be shipped so we can get the pools running again.

These parts have started arriving, though in small batches, and we will get the pools running once all needed parts are in and installed. But once the pool pumps are repaired we will still have to follow CDC guidelines for public spaces. We hope we can reopen the pools by April 1st. We will send out updates closer to opening as well as what current CDC rules we are following at the pools.

Thank you.

Pick-Up of Christmas Trees

We checked with Waste Pro on pick-up of Christmas trees:

  1. live trees will be pick-up on the same day as yard waste which is Saturday this week.
  2. please remove all decorations from the tree
  3. the tree can not be longer than 5 feet or it won’t fit in the truck; please cut the tree down/in half so it can fit

If you dispose of your tree after Saturday, yard waste is back to normal schedule so put it out Thursday night for Friday pick-up.

Happy New Year!

Garbage & Recycling Reminder

We want to remind everyone that the garbage truck will not pick up items outside of your garbage can. This is the same for the recycle bin: cardboard boxes outside of the can, broken down or not, do NOT get picked up by the drivers. You need to breakdown, and if needed, cut up into pieces that will fit into your can. If enough trash or cardboard is laying around your cans the truck might even pass your location by and not empty anything.

Please see our Garbage & Recycling Page for more information as well as the phone number to call to have bulk items like furniture picked up.

Thank you.