Tropical Storm Ian Update #2

Good morning everyone,

As of this morning Ian is still a tropical storm but is gaining strength and expected to become a hurricane by tomorrow morning as the warm waters it is over feed it. The projected path has moved it further west with possible landfall near the Florida panhandle. Ian is expected to become a major storm [Category 3+] by Tuesday as it moves along.

Pay attention to the cone around the path: the storm has a chance of wandering within that path so we are still within that area.

I will post this evening with the next update on the storm.

Please see our Hurricane Preparedness page for general information on Florida hurricanes and storms.

Stay safe!

Tropical Storm Ian Update #1

Good morning residents,

Tropical Storm #9 is now named and forecast to cross over Florida as a Category 3 storm next week around Thursday. Landfall will be on the Gulf side of the State. Exact landfall is still unsure as its speed and path can (and will) change as it approaches. I will post when we can better pinpoint when and where it will come ashore.

Please stay safe and make sure storm kits are ready, just in case.

For more information on storms please see our Hurricane Preparedness page.

The Latest Tropical Depression

Hello residents,

It appears the first storm of the 2022 Hurricane Season to affect us may be here next week. The current path shows the storm making landfall in South Florida so our area would probably just receive excessive rain and wind. But this is still early in the forecast [it hasn’t even been named yet] and the storm path and strength can change so I will post as new information comes out.

For our residents new to Florida you will want to check out our Hurricane Preparedness page.

Stay safe!

Pool Hours & Garbage/Recycling This Week

Hello residents,

Due to a lightning strike the access system at the pools has been damaged. Until further notice the pools will be open when the security guard is present, from 12 noon to dusk each day. We hope to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Also, with the Holiday this Monday, our garbage and recycling pick-ups will be moved to Friday morning and yard waste pick-up will move to Saturday.

Thank you, and have a great Labor Day weekend!