Dog Attack Last Night

Hello residents,

Last night one resident was walking their two dogs on Autumn Glen when another pair of dogs being walked by someone else attacked. It was severe enough that one was taken to a vet for treatment. Until we get full details please be cautious when walking your pets. If you see any pets/owners you don’t recognize please be careful. If you know about this incident or who was involved please call Premier or email .

Thank you.

Pools Closed Indefinitely Due to Vandalism


The pools have been closed due to long strips of metal found in one of the pools. No work was being done in the area or around the pools, so vandalism is suspected. The video camera footage will be inspected tomorrow to see if the person (or persons) responsible can be identified. The pools will remain closed until the further notice while the debris is cleaned out of the pool, the other pools are inspected, and the video footage is gone through.

If you have any information on who may be responsible or saw this happen please contact Premier Management or email the HOA [ ].

Thank you.

After the Community Yard Sale

Hello everyone,

We had a lot of traffic into our community for our yard sale yesterday so we hope, if you participated, you had a great turn out!

Please remember: if you have bulk items (furniture, appliances, etc.) that you didn’t sell and just want to have hauled away you need to call Waste Pro at 352-343-3776. They will arrange a pick-up (normally on Fridays). Just leaving the items at the curb they will not get them picked up on garbage day.

Thank you.