Elsa Update #5

Hello everyone,

Elsa has strengthened and been upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane but just barely. It is still on it’s current path and will skim up the coast and come ashore west of Ocala. Local weather says the worst would be from about 3 AM to 10 AM. The real risk could be tornados spawned by the storm. An emergency radio will alert you to this danger or your phone if you have emergency alerts turned on.

Please be safe!

Elsa Update #3 & Garbage/Recycling

Hello residents,

Elsa has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm. It’s path will bring it alongside Florida and crossing the State up near the pan-handle. We will not be in the path but we will get some rain and wind. With the rain, please be cautious of streets that could be flooded, and with the wind you may want to secure or bring in light weight items. There is also a possibility of pockets of severe weather [IE-tornados], too. And be prepared for possible power outages.

News stations say we will feel the effects from Tuesday evening through Wednesday. Please stay tuned to your local TV stations for up-to-the-minute news on Elsa.

Tropical Storm Elsa

Our garbage & recycling pick-ups are not affected by the July 5th Holiday observance today [Monday]. Normal pick-up operations are happening as scheduled.

Please stay safe.

Hurricane Elsa Update #2

Hello residents,

Tropical Storm Elsa has strengthened to a category 1 hurricane but will lose power as it passes over Cuba and is still projected to be a tropical storm when it reaches Florida. I will post more updates as it gets closer to us or if there is a major change in its path. Please stay safe and enjoy the July 4th weekend.

You can find information on staying safe during a storm at our Hurricane Preparedness page.

July 4th Weekend & Fireworks

Hello residents,

If you are planning to shoot fireworks, please:

  • Shoot fireworks off in your driveway ONLY; do not do this on the sidewalk, the streets, or in the fields & retention areas
  • Please have adults supervision; children and teens must have an adult present
  • Please remove fireworks debris from your driveway and any that lands around your yard & street area when your are done
  • Please have a hose or a bucket of water handy to douse fireworks as needed

Security will be patrolling the streets to monitor activity. We urge residents to avoid shooting off their own fireworks and check out the many locations shooting off professional displays this year but if you do something at home, please be safe and be considerate of your neighbors.

Thank you and have a great holiday weekend.

Photo by Elizabeth Iris on Pexels.com

Tropical Storm Elsa Update #1

Hello residents,

Tropical Storm Elsa has formed and the current path shows it going over Florida. The good news is it is not predicted to reach Hurricane status and the path over us is still just a projection so could change in the coming days. I will post updates as needed.

If you are looking for information to prepare for a storm please see our Hurricane Preparedness Page.

Premier Management Annoucement

Hello, please see the message from Premier Management below:

To all residents of Weston Hills:

The hours for the playground and the basketball court are 9:00 am – 8:00 pm daily. If you are “voiced down”, please leave the area immediately. We have had some issues with people not leaving the areas at closing time and refusing to leave when “voiced down” so we need to make sure that everyone is following the set rules so we don’t have to close the areas down again.

Thank you so much for your understanding. For any questions or concerns, please DO NOT respond to this message. Please email clermont@premiermgmtcfl.com.

Have a great day.

Candi Dwyer

Administrative Assistant – Clermont Office

Premier Association Management of Central Florida, Inc.

375 E Highway 50

Clermont, FL  34711


Community Yard Sale Update

Several people have let the HOA know they had very successful yard sales last Saturday. We are glad we were able to get one scheduled for the residents and that the rain stayed away. We are still planning on holding one in October. The date will be decided at a future HOA meeting and announced then.

The HOA has received many complaints of residents speeding through the streets. The addition of speed bumps is being looked into by the Board.

We want to remind residents to please follow posted speed limits in the community and please be aware of pedestrians as you drive.

Thank you.