IMPORTANT: Online HOA Payment System Shut Down

We have been informed that the Sentry Management online payment site for HOA dues has been shut down on us.

If you had a payment to make this month for your dues we advise you to mail it to the Georgia address ASAP! You may wish to send it registered mail and keep records of your payment in case any problems arise.

The Board apologizes for this situation and they are working on getting us switched to our new management service as quickly as possible.

Payment Reminder

Sentry Management and our Board members would like to remind everyone that your HOA assessments are due on the 15th of the month the payment is due. Check your payment book for those dates.

Click HERE to go to the Sentry Management Smartstreet payment site where you can pay your dues online. Go ahead and click to the site, then bookmark it on your browser for future reference.

If you have any questions please email or contact Debby at Sentry Management. Thank you.