Front Gate FAQ

This page contains information about our front gate system from Envera. Many of your questions are answered in the Envera Gate Presentation file and the questions below.

Important Links/Files

Envera Gate System Using the Web Portal [Short video]
Envera Systems Resident Login web page
Envera Systems Company web page
Envera Gate System Overview [Short video]
Envera Gate Presentation [Adobe Reader/PDF format]
Weston Hills Envera Gate Form  [Adobe Reader/PDF format]

The Gate Arms 

As of 5/15/2018, new gate arms were put up that prevent tailgating. They move very quickly and come down right after a vehicle has passed through. Signs are posted in both English and Spanish warning drivers of this.

DAMAGE BY THE ARMS TO VEHICLES DUE TO TAILGAITING IS THE DRIVER’S RESPONSIBLILTY! Neither the Weston Hills Community nor our property manager [Premier] will be responsible for damages and/or repairs.

With the installation of the new arms, the main gates will be left open from 7 AM to 7 PM to allow drivers to enter without waiting for them to fully open. No changes were made to the exit gates; they will remain closed until a car pulls up to them, then close once the area is clear.

Entry procedures for visitors [IE-scanning their license at the kiosk, etc.) has not changed.

Obtaining Vehicle Gate Passes

All RFID & POOL cards are $25.00/each, check or money order ONLY (made out to Weston Hills HOA).

You will need to bring each car and each car registration to the Premier Office at 1795 E Highway 50, Suite A, Clermont, FL, 34711. From the hours of  9am-4pm. All RFID stickers will be put on the Car Windshield.

The HOA no longer gives access to your guests, real estate agents, or property managers; that is under the control of Owners/Property Managers/Renters.

Frequently Asked Questions

* How do I add or remove visitors/vendors from my approved list?

  1. Through the Envera web site
  2. You can email Envera at:
  3. Through the smart phone app [Android / Apple]
  4. A phone call to the Envera Live Guard at (877) 936-8372

What phone numbers do Envera guards call from?

  • 877-936-8372
  • 941-556-0371
  • 941-566-0372
  • 941-218-1094
  • 941-404-6772
  • 561-XXX-XXXX [If you have this number, or any other numbers, for Envera, please email so we can update the entry]

Please add these numbers to your Envera contact on your cell phones so you know when they are calling. Also remember to add all visitors and vendors to your visitor’s list.

* When did the gate system go live?

  • The front gate went live on Wednesday, January 6th, 2016, at 2 PM. Fines for running the gate and tailgating began February 1st, 2016.

* Where do I place the access tag on my windshield?

  • The best place is in the center of the windshield behind your rear-view mirror. If you have an E-Pass or Sunpass do not place your tag directly under or on the pass as interference may cause one or both devices to not operate correctly.
  • To prevent back-ups in the resident lane we ask homeowners to not store the tag somewhere in your car and retrieve it when you pull up to the gate. This can slowdown cars entering as you stop at the gate and attempt to retrieve your tag and wait for the gate system to detect it and open.

* What happens when a visitor comes to the gate?

  • A visitor inserts their driver’s license into the kiosk reader. If their identification is recognized by the system Envera will let them through. If the system can’t identify them then they give their name & who they are here to see, and the guard pulls up your list of visitors. If the person is on the list they will be granted access. If the person is not on your list, Envera will attempt to call you at the phone number on file once. If the phone is answered Envera will ask if this visitor is allowed in and let them in if you approve them. If you say you are not expecting them or Envera gets no answer they will ask the visitor to leave. If the visitor is on your list but marked as “Deny Access” on your list they will be asked to leave. Please let new visitors know they need to have their license handy for scanning when they arrive.

* Is a Drivers License required by a visitor?

  • Yes. The person entering must present their license for scanning. Excuses of cracked or forgotten licenses will not be accepted. Please let all your visitors know to have their Drivers License ready when they drive up to the kiosk.

* Is signage up to show the resident’s lane and the visitor’s lane?

  • Yes. Signage has been put up that delineates the visitor’s lane from the resident’s lane.

* Are there fines for gate running and tailgating?

  • Yes, the gate system’s cameras can pick-up license plate numbers which Envera will use to identify vehicles who tailgate or who run the gate.

* What are the fees for gate running and tailgating?

  • Starting 2/1/2016: ALL unauthorized entry, gate running and tailgating is TRESPASSING.
    $125 fine from HOA to Homeowner
    $250 fine from Lake County to Car Registration.
    Each and Every Time. No Exceptions.

* Do emergency vehicles have to stop and get clearance from the kiosk to gain access?

  • No. All Lake County emergency vehicles are equipped with  special sirens that will open our gate automatically.

When I approach the gate on the Residents lane, there are cars at the kiosk. Is there a danger of the Envera guard opening the gate for the visitor as I pull up and they could possibly hit me?

  • No. The Envera guards will look at the cameras before opening the gate for the visitor to make sure no residents are pulling up to or through the gate at the same time. If there is a resident approaching, they will let the resident go through, first.

* What is the cost to put a live guard at the front gate?

  • A study was done and the Board found it would cost the community $210,000 a year to place live guards at the gate. This additional expense would add at least $500 to residents’ yearly HOA dues. Then there would be the construction cost for a booth to be built at the entrance. The booth would require electricity and plumbing run to it (code requires it have a bathroom). The entrance would also have to be widened to accommodate the booth and that is not possible without annexing resident land and the moving of the brick wall. All these expenses would amount to a huge sum of money that the community does not have, nor would residents want such a huge increase in their HOA dues.

* Isn’t taking my license info illegal?

  • No. Live guards at gated communities do the same thing: ask for your license and write down your name. Many also record your license plate number, too. Our system scans the front of the card to obtain your information.

* What if my visitor doesn’t have a license?

  • All vehicle drivers require a driver’s license be on them when driving. Without a license they will not be granted entry by Envera. The community will also place a police officer at the front gate periodically to let driver’s know this if it starts happening often.

Last Updated: 6/20/2022