On-Street Parking & Towing

On-street parking is allowed between the hours of 6 AM to 11 PM on both sides of the streets. Please note: parking on both sides will be changing soon as emergency vehicles and large trucks have reported issues of not being able to get down some streets when cars are parked on both sides.

Vehicles are not allowed to be parked in the street, either side, between 11 PM and 6 AM. Vehicles will be towed at the owners expense. If you need to park in the street overnight due to some issue, please see the next section below.

The towing company we use is:

Lake County Tow

(352) 227-1229

In the event you must park overnight in the street (driveway painting, roofing dumpster in driveway, etc.) you can obtain a yellow hang tag from Premier Management that will allow you to do this. You must contact them M-F between 9 AM – 5 PM to arrange this. The office phones are not manned after 5 PM and Board members can not get you a yellow hang tag. Please plan accordingly and contact Premier in time.

Cars must be parked in the direction of the traffic for that side of the street.

Parking in front of fire hydrant is not allowed. These sections of curb have been painted yellow to alert you to this.

Also, be considerate of your neighbors. Please park in front of your yard if the space is open before taking a spot elsewhere.

Last Updated 5/27/2022