Voice Your Complaints About Lack of Yard Waste Pick-Up

Hello everyone,

We are going on almost 5 weeks without yard waste being removed. I haven’t been able to get confirmation that they will pick-up our community this Friday.

At this point I am urging all residents to please call the following places to lodge a complaint. Be polite, (no profanity, please) but let them know you are upset that the companies that get your taxes are not doing their job, nor keeping us updated. You may also ask them why the waste service for Clermont proper removed their yard waste shortly after the storm but we are still waiting.

Waste Pro – Call them at 352-343-9850 and lodge a complaint over our yard waste still sitting in our community.

Sean Parks, Commissioner District 2 – Sean Parks is our representative for our Four Corners area. Please call his office at 352-343-9800 and lodge a complaint that yard waste has not be removed from our community.

Call during business hours if you want a chance to speak to someone and again, please be civil when you call.

5 thoughts on “Voice Your Complaints About Lack of Yard Waste Pick-Up

  1. You know what they say. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

    At this point, if they don’t pick up on Saturday. I urge our board and/or our management company. To hire a third party contractor. To pick up all the yard waste. (Not necessarily the other junk people have thrown out too.) Then, send a copy of the bill to the county commissioner’s office and/or Waste Pro, demand they pay it. Five weeks is an unreasonable amount of time to wait.

    That’s how it works on a construction site. When a contractor or sub-contractor fails to complete a job. Or provides sub-standard work. The work gets completed or redone by someone else and the original contractor or gets back-charged. This situation shouldn’t be any different.

    Although, I have to say. I personally think it’s a bit unreasonable, to expect a trash removal company. To clean up after a hurricane or other natural disaster. But, that seems to be the expectation and I don’t know what the exact scope of their contract is.

    It would be nice, if they’d just straight up tell us. It’s not their responsibility and that they aren’t doing it. So we know to make other arrangements.

  2. I called Waste Pro this morning concerning yard waste pick up issue. I was given an excuse about the hurricane debri being an issue. I pointed out our service was inconsistent here in Weston Hills before the hurricane. I told them I thought the hurricane was being used as an excuse, because I knew surrounding neighborhoods had theirs picked up. I was told they would resume puck up in 2 weeks and all would be gone by the end of November. The number listed in the above inform if for the county commissioner not for Waste Pro. Here is the correct number 844-836-3661.

  3. I took your suggestion and called Waste Pro & Sean Parks yesterday, leaving messages. My demeanor was calm and non-threatening as I told them about debris since the hurricane. They said a truck will come around today, and I’m quite pleased to say it did (at 4:45pm) and the eyesore of 6 Loew’s debris bags are gone.

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