Yesterday’s Hail Storm

Hello residents,

I’m sure most of you know/went through the 20-minute hail storm in our community yesterday at about 5 PM. As you begin clean-up of your driveways and yards, please remember that your leaves and debris must not be blown into the streets and left there, or down the sewer drains. Place debris in a bio-degradable lawn bag or in your own trash can [not the ones picked-up by Waste Pro on Thursdays] for yard waste pick-up on Friday. If you place debris in a regular trash bag you must dispose of it yourself with your regular garbage (IE-must fit into the Waste Pro can) or take it to the dump facility on Log House Road [Open on Wednesdays and Saturdays].

Please be courteous to your neighbors and don’t blow your leaves and debris onto their yards. Let’s all work together to keep our community looking nice.

Waste Pro will not take yard waste in the cans that are used for trash and recycling nor will they take debris in plastic garbage bags; again: use your own can or place in the lawn bags that you can get at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Also, be aware that with all the areas affected by the hail storm, Waste Pro will be picking up more debris than usual at more homes. Be patient if they don’t pick-up on Friday. They may come Saturday or even the week after (remember after the last hurricane).

Finally, the weather service is predicting more severe storms with hail this afternoon. We hope we don’t go through this a 2nd day in a row, but please be careful.


Clarifications on Yard Waste Pick-Up

Cheryl G. in Greater Groves reached out to Vincent Vadney, Division Manager, Waste Pro of Florida to clarify the new rules on yard waste pick-up bags. You can read the full posting on NextDoor HERE. There is more information at the post if you want a deeper dive into the conversation. I have posted the major bullet points below to help answer questions residents may still have.

1) We can no longer use regular large green plastic bags to hold leaves. Due to a clause in Waste Pro’s contract with Lake County, bags must be biodegradable or compostable. Biodegradable plastic bags are acceptable as are the Lowe’s type lawn and leaf bags. But again, even the paper must be biodegradable or compostable.

2) The drivers have been shown examples of biodegradable bags. However, he did state that it was a learning process. My advice would be to take a picture of the packaging as proof if the bags themselves are not labeled. That way if you catch the operators you can show them and/or email that photo to Waste Pro if the biodegradable bags were not picked up.

3) Bags will be tossed into the trucks along with the leaves meaning the drivers should no longer be leaving them at the curb. My advice, if you find your empty biodegradable bags back on the curb, complain.

4) Any store bought trash cans are acceptable. Waste Pro recommends the heavy duty ones because they are more durable, won’t break as easily and will last longer. I did not ask about using our recycling or trash cans because I’m 100% certain that’s a no-no. Also he would have suggested that if it was okay. He also didn’t say we will get special cans from them so again, I’m absolutely sure Waste Pro won’t provide special cans for yard waste.

Tropical Storm Nicole Update #2

Hello everyone,

Nicole is on the same basic path though it has drifted a bit further north. Since the storm is passing over us on Thursday I have been trying to reach Waste Pro about our pick-up that day (been on hold for 25 minutes already). I am sure they will cancel services that day but I am trying to find out if they will move our service to Friday or blow us off completely like they did for Ian and we won’t get anything until Thursday of next week.

When I get their response I will post again. I would not put out your cans unless we get confirmation they will be here on storm day (again, I feel this is unlikely).

For more information on the Storm, please see the latest NOAA posting.

Waste Pro Fails to Pick-Up Again

Sorry everyone,

Waste Pro said they would make it this week for yard waste. I called Friday afternoon and was told they are picking up as fast as they can, and they might still show up on Saturday (which they didn’t). I will not post anymore updates that are released by Waste Pro about this yard waste pick-up as their info can’t be relied on. If I can get information from Lake County when the hauling service they hired will be in our area I will post then.

A set of keys on a Lexus keychain were found at the mailboxes by a resident. If you lost a set of keys please email me [ ] and I will put you in touch with the resident.

Yard Waste Update

Yard waste was not picked up this week. Lake County has hired outside haulers to start removing yard waste in the county as the regular services are overwhelmed with the amount of debris. Here is the link to the story on Lake County’s web site:

I have emailed them and I will post here with any new information.

If you have a way to haul away your debris (truck or trailer) you can take it to the Log House Road Facility on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Please have your driver’s license with you as they will verify you are a Lake County residents. Please see our web page or the Lake County site for waste drop-off for more info on where this site is located or to answer other questions.

Thank you.

School Supply Tax Free Week Starts Tomorrow & More

Hello everyone,

Florida’s Tax Free week for school supplies starts tomorrow, July 25th, and runs through August 7th. Please view the PDF document below for complete details, including a list of all items included.


Happy shopping!

We want to remind home owners that when cutting your grass please do not sweep or blow your leaves & clippings into the storm drains. Grass and leaves will clump together and eventually block the pipes and we will have to call a service to clean them out with the cost coming out of our HOA budget. This can lead to higher HOA dues.

Thank you!

A Note From the HOA Board About July 4th Weekend

Our HOA Board would like to remind all residents to please be careful when using fireworks this weekend:

  • Set them off in your driveway only; do not use sidewalks or the street
  • Supervise children; do not let them set off fireworks without adult supervision present
  • Please clean up when you are done and have a bucket or water or a hose ready in case of an emergency
  • Please be considerate of your neighbors. We ask that all fireworks usage be done by 10 PM.

Remember that Monday is the July 4th holiday so our garbage, recycling, and yard waste pick-ups will be pushed back one day.

Thank you and please have a safe July 4th weekend.

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