School Supply Tax Free Week Starts Tomorrow & More

Hello everyone,

Florida’s Tax Free week for school supplies starts tomorrow, July 25th, and runs through August 7th. Please view the PDF document below for complete details, including a list of all items included.


Happy shopping!

We want to remind home owners that when cutting your grass please do not sweep or blow your leaves & clippings into the storm drains. Grass and leaves will clump together and eventually block the pipes and we will have to call a service to clean them out with the cost coming out of our HOA budget. This can lead to higher HOA dues.

Thank you!

A Note From the HOA Board About July 4th Weekend

Our HOA Board would like to remind all residents to please be careful when using fireworks this weekend:

  • Set them off in your driveway only; do not use sidewalks or the street
  • Supervise children; do not let them set off fireworks without adult supervision present
  • Please clean up when you are done and have a bucket or water or a hose ready in case of an emergency
  • Please be considerate of your neighbors. We ask that all fireworks usage be done by 10 PM.

Remember that Monday is the July 4th holiday so our garbage, recycling, and yard waste pick-ups will be pushed back one day.

Thank you and please have a safe July 4th weekend.

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Yard Waste Reminders

Just like with trash pick up, yard waste is also picked up once a week, in Weston Hills, that day is Friday.

Please be aware that, as with trash, yard waste is not to be put out to the curb until 6:00 P.M. Thursday evening for Friday pick-up.

Yard waste may be placed in any type of trash receptacles or bags. Paper bags are best as they can be recycled with the yard waste.

Plastic may be used but they may be left behind by Waste Pro and can potentially end up getting blown away should a storm come through.

If you plan on placing out tree limbs, they MUST be cut into four foot lengths and bundled in manageable piles and tied off. DO NOT stack the bundles on top of one another.

If you have a large amount of yard waste, you are required to call Waste Pro directly to schedule a pick up, 352-366-0352.

The HOA will no longer make these calls for residents and if your yard waste is left out too long and the call needs to be made for you, the homeowners will be charged.
Waste Pro will only pick up three cubic yards of waste per visit.

Any other large items, like mattresses, furniture, appliances or any other type of household items must follow the same rules. You cannot place them out to the curb until the evening before your scheduled pick up. if you place any items out like refrigerators or ovens, the doors MUST be removed for safety reasons.

Yard waste can also be taken to the Loghouse Dump facility. They are open Wednesday and Saturdays for yard waste and other types of trash drop off.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Yard Waste Collection Information [UPDATED]


We have had some calls from residents about our yard waste pick-up service. Here is what you need to know:

* Yard waste pick-up day is Friday

* Do NOT use your new trash/recycling containers

* Use older containers, bags, bundle or leave loose

* 4’ length max on individual limbs

* 6” max diameter on individual limbs

* 50 lb max per container/bag/item

* This does NOT include fencing, timbers or plant pots

For large yard items that don’t meet the above limits, please call Lake County Solid Waste Division at 352-343-9400. Yard waste can also be taken to the Log House Road Collection facility on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

New Trash Service Update

The new trash and recycling cans are currently being delivered in the neighborhood. Starting October 6th they will need to be used.

Trash and recycling pick-up will be Thursdays. Yard waste pick-up will be Fridays.
There is a flier attached to your new cans that will supply all needed information.
[UPDATE]  The fliers have been scanned and attached to this post. They should answer any questions you have.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Change To Trash Pic-Up Coming This Fall

Changes Coming to Our Trash Service In October

Our garbage & recycling service and pick-up will be changing procedures in October. Please read the attachments at the bottom for full details.
The HOA Board will need to make a decision to switch to the new schedule of either a 1-day a week pick-up for all items (garbage/recycling/yard waste) or keep a twice-a-week pick-up for garbage which will lead to an additional fee. Before then we ask residents to attend the open house meeting on Wednesday, Feb 19th, 4-7 PM, at the Cagan Crossing Community Library.
Please stay tuned for further information on when this will be discussed at a future HOA meeting.
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