Problems With Trash Pick-Up [UPDATED]

Hello everyone,

The trash service had issues today with the pick-up. Cans were knocked over by the lifting mechanism because of both cans being too close together. The workers picked up the larger stuff but smaller pieces have been left on the ground.
Please remember to leave a 4-foot distance between the cans to allow enough room for the arm to grab the individual cans.
You may need to place them on opposite ends of your driveway if you need to allow vehicles to come in or go out while they are waiting to be picked-up. Please make sure your bins are closed and the wheels are facing toward your home.
Thank you.
UPDATE: If you need bulk items picked-up please call 1-884-835-3661 to schedule.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Change To Trash Pic-Up Coming This Fall

Changes Coming to Our Trash Service In October

Our garbage & recycling service and pick-up will be changing procedures in October. Please read the attachments at the bottom for full details.
The HOA Board will need to make a decision to switch to the new schedule of either a 1-day a week pick-up for all items (garbage/recycling/yard waste) or keep a twice-a-week pick-up for garbage which will lead to an additional fee. Before then we ask residents to attend the open house meeting on Wednesday, Feb 19th, 4-7 PM, at the Cagan Crossing Community Library.
Please stay tuned for further information on when this will be discussed at a future HOA meeting.
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