Suspicious Activity in Community

Hello residents,

We’ve had reports of teens in the neighborhood going into unlocked cars and open garages.

If you see any activity like this please call 911 to report.

‘To protect yourself please make sure your vehicles are locked and there are no valuables (wallet, keys, purse, etc.) visible. Take them inside when possible. Do not leave items of value in your truck bed if you cannot secure them. And keep your garage doors closed if you are not actively in there.

Again, if you see anything suspicious please report it.

Thank you.

Update on Autumn Glen Disturbance

Hello everyone,

Last night (Tuesday, October 19th) a young man was walking Autumn Glen and ringing doorbells needing directions. This happened after 10 PM and several residents contacted either the authorities or Irene.

We want to give an update to the residents who reported this:

The gentleman lives in the community and was lost and disoriented. The police found him and were able to get him home. We thank them for their help in the matter.