Dog Attack Last Night

Hello residents,

Last night one resident was walking their two dogs on Autumn Glen when another pair of dogs being walked by someone else attacked. It was severe enough that one was taken to a vet for treatment. Until we get full details please be cautious when walking your pets. If you see any pets/owners you don’t recognize please be careful. If you know about this incident or who was involved please call Premier or email .

Thank you.

Community Announcement: Cleaning Up After Your Pet

The Board revised the deed restriction enforcement policy in an effort to address a safety, health, aesthetic and odor issue:

Residents not cleaning up after their dogs when walking them in the community.

The problem has been getting worse.  Recently dog feces were found along stretches of sidewalk.
This creates not only an odor problem, an unpleasant visual for our community, it also is a safety and health problem.

PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PETS WHEN TAKING THEM OUT FOR A WALK.  Enjoy the time with your pet, but take a plastic bag or other container with you on the walk and clean up feces deposited by your pet.  Please take the bag and its contents home and properly dispose of them in your garbage can.  Thank you.

In an effort to address this worsening problem, the Board recently revised the enforcement procedures to provide:

Immediate Fining for Failure to Clean Up After Pets:   If a homeowner allows his/her pet to defecate on the property of another homeowner or the common areas owned by the Association and fails to clean up after the pet, the homeowner will be sent one (1) notice to correct.  If the homeowner again allows his/her pet to defecate as stated above and fails to clean up after the pet, the homeowner will immediately be sent a notice of referral to the Fining/Hearing Committee.  In the event the homeowner has been determined to have been in violation of the requirement to clean up after their pet, the fine will be $100 for each violation/occurrence.

Please help us keep our community clean, attractive, healthy and desirable.