Found Dog

UPDATE: The doggie’s owner has been located. Thank you to all who helped track them down.

This little dog was found in our neighborhood. If you are the owner, or have any information about who the owner is, please contact Irene at 609-705-5733.

Dog Found – Looking For Owner

Please see the message below. If you are the dog’s owner or have information and want to contact the person who found them, please reply to our address,,  and we will forward it to you.


Please see attached photo of the dog found on Citrus Parkway in Citrus Highlands Tuesday June 24th in the afternoon.


It’s a male possibly a Pekinese/Poodle mix; white with brown and grey spots; face, rear hips and part of tail is brown/grey.


If you know or hear of anyone looking for their pet, you can call Lake County Animal Control @ (352)-343-9688 or call the South Lake Animal League @ 352-429-6334


I have him currently.


Thank you and have a nice day,


Suzi Habeck

Citrus Highlands

Found Dog