The First Storm of the Season Approaches

The first tropical storm of the season is poised to pass over our state this weekend.

Tropical Storm #1 current path

It is not projected to strengthen into hurricane status so it looks like our Saturday will have rain and wind, but unlikely any of it to be severe.

The path and strength of a storm can change at any time so please monitor local news or the NOAA web site for future forecasts. I will post any major storm changes here if they happen.

Stay safe this weekend.

Florida Disaster Preparedness Tax Free Weekend Starts Tomorrow

Hurricane Season starts June 1st so our tax-free “weekend” begins tomorrow and runs through June 10th. This will include all types of items to help deal with a major storm.

For the first time this year pet supplies will be included.

Please check out the following link for a list of many of the items or Google Florida Tax Free Weekend.

During this event check out the storm supplies you have at home and restock on those tax free items. 

Some of our residents are probably new to Florida and have not been through a hurricane before. Have a look at the State of Florida’s Hurricane Preparedness web page.  Also have a look at our previous blog post on being prepared. Hurricane Season runs from June 1st to November 30th, with mid-August to mid-October the busiest  period of activity, so be ready if a storm approaches. 

And to all our residents: please have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!



Tropical Depression Kate & Tropical Storm Larry and Gate Stickers Today

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that 2 new storms have formed in the Atlantic but neither poses a threat to us. ‘Kate’ is so far east and north of us it will have no effect on the US and ‘Larry’ is turning north and is projected to spin out to sea and not make landfall, as well.

Don’t forget today is the day you can get a gate sticker for your vehicle for only $15 (regularly $25). You can get yours at the club house from 2:00-4:00 PM and 5:30-7:00 PM. Please bring ID, and if you are a renter also bring a copy of your lease. If you are unable to get by the club house during these times please contact the HOA at 609-705-5733.

Thank you, and have a safe Labor Day weekend.

Tropical Storm Ida Update

Hello everyone,

Tropical Storm #9, Ida, has formed south of us. Since it poses no threat to us but will travel up the Gulf I wanted to at least mention it. Ida is headed towards Louisiana and is predicted to reach hurricane status before making it to land, and possibly major hurricane status.

This will be the only post on Ida.

Fred Update #4 [Final] and Grace Update #1

Good morning everyone,

Tropical Depression Fred is scheduled to become a Tropical Storm but has drifted far enough west that forecasters say all we may get Sunday is a slightly higher chance of rain so this will be the final update.

We are now watching Tropical Depression Grace. There is a lot of uncertainty with its direction and how strong it will become. I’ll keep you posted on Grace as it travels closer.

Tropical Storm Fred Update #3

Hello everyone,

Fred is strengthening into a Tropical Storm and is still on course to skim along our west coast. Local weather is reporting Sunday will be our rainy day. They are saying there may be a chance of isolated tornado activity on that day so please keep yourself updated through TV news, your smartphone weather alert, or your weather radio.

Tropical Depression Fred Update #2

Good morning everyone,

Fred has been downgraded from a Tropical Depression back to a Tropical Disturbance this morning. It lost strength as it went over Haiti. There is a chance it could become a depression again and maybe a Storm as it nears Florida but no guarantee. Local news does report it will still bring “moisture to the State” so we will have a higher chance of rain for the weekend, but unless Fred gets stronger, there is little chance of any severe weather [high winds, possible tornadoes].

Below is the latest path by NOAA. It was released before the storm hit Haiti and still shows it becoming a Tropical Storm. I will post again if we have any significant changes. Thank you.

Tropical Disturbance Fred

Tropical Storm Fred Update #1

Tropical Storm Fred has formed in the Atlantic and the current path takes it along the west coast of Florida, similar to Hurricane Elsa’s path earlier this summer.

Tropical Storm Fred Update #1

With it not being projected to reach Hurricane status it is believed we will only receive some rain and some light winds. But the path and strength can change at anytime so please stay aware and watch your local news for current coverage. I will post updates here as needed.

Don’t forget the later half of the Hurricane Season is the busiest and storm updates will become more common so please make sure you have needed hurricane supplies ready and stay safe.

Elsa Update #5

Hello everyone,

Elsa has strengthened and been upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane but just barely. It is still on it’s current path and will skim up the coast and come ashore west of Ocala. Local weather says the worst would be from about 3 AM to 10 AM. The real risk could be tornados spawned by the storm. An emergency radio will alert you to this danger or your phone if you have emergency alerts turned on.

Please be safe!