Elsa Update #5

Hello everyone,

Elsa has strengthened and been upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane but just barely. It is still on it’s current path and will skim up the coast and come ashore west of Ocala. Local weather says the worst would be from about 3 AM to 10 AM. The real risk could be tornados spawned by the storm. An emergency radio will alert you to this danger or your phone if you have emergency alerts turned on.

Please be safe!

Elsa Update #3 & Garbage/Recycling

Hello residents,

Elsa has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm. It’s path will bring it alongside Florida and crossing the State up near the pan-handle. We will not be in the path but we will get some rain and wind. With the rain, please be cautious of streets that could be flooded, and with the wind you may want to secure or bring in light weight items. There is also a possibility of pockets of severe weather [IE-tornados], too. And be prepared for possible power outages.

News stations say we will feel the effects from Tuesday evening through Wednesday. Please stay tuned to your local TV stations for up-to-the-minute news on Elsa.

Tropical Storm Elsa

Our garbage & recycling pick-ups are not affected by the July 5th Holiday observance today [Monday]. Normal pick-up operations are happening as scheduled.

Please stay safe.

Hurricane Elsa Update #2

Hello residents,

Tropical Storm Elsa has strengthened to a category 1 hurricane but will lose power as it passes over Cuba and is still projected to be a tropical storm when it reaches Florida. I will post more updates as it gets closer to us or if there is a major change in its path. Please stay safe and enjoy the July 4th weekend.

You can find information on staying safe during a storm at our Hurricane Preparedness page.

Tax Free Holiday is Underway & Garbage Pick-Up This Week

With the hurricane season starting tomorrow don’t forget that the tax-free shopping holiday for storm preparedness items is underway right now. Stock up on batteries, flashlights, ice packs, tarps, and much more and save some money.

With today’s Memorial Holiday please remember that our garbage & recycling will be pushed back to Friday morning and yard waste will be on Saturday morning.

Thank you.

Hurricane Season and Hurricane Supply Tax-Free Week

Hello everyone,

The Atlantic Hurricane Season is fast approaching. It starts June 1st and goes through November 30th. A search online will give you any and all information you need to stay safe during a tropical storm or hurricane. [See below for some tips on staying safe.]

As you prepare for the season we want to let everyone know of the 10-day “disaster preparedness” sales tax holiday from May 28 to June 6, 2021, for disaster preparedness supplies. This includes many items including batteries, tie-down kits, ice-packs, flashlights, and more. Please click HERE for a news story with a list of everything.

Thank you.