Florida Disaster Preparedness Tax Free Weekend Starts Tomorrow

Hurricane Season starts June 1st so our tax-free “weekend” begins tomorrow and runs through June 10th. This will include all types of items to help deal with a major storm.

For the first time this year pet supplies will be included.

Please check out the following link for a list of many of the items or Google Florida Tax Free Weekend.


During this event check out the storm supplies you have at home and restock on those tax free items. 

Some of our residents are probably new to Florida and have not been through a hurricane before. Have a look at the State of Florida’s Hurricane Preparedness web page.  Also have a look at our previous blog post on being prepared. Hurricane Season runs from June 1st to November 30th, with mid-August to mid-October the busiest  period of activity, so be ready if a storm approaches. 

And to all our residents: please have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!



Tax Free Holiday is Underway & Garbage Pick-Up This Week

With the hurricane season starting tomorrow don’t forget that the tax-free shopping holiday for storm preparedness items is underway right now. Stock up on batteries, flashlights, ice packs, tarps, and much more and save some money.

With today’s Memorial Holiday please remember that our garbage & recycling will be pushed back to Friday morning and yard waste will be on Saturday morning.

Thank you.