A Note From the HOA Board About July 4th Weekend

Our HOA Board would like to remind all residents to please be careful when using fireworks this weekend:

  • Set them off in your driveway only; do not use sidewalks or the street
  • Supervise children; do not let them set off fireworks without adult supervision present
  • Please clean up when you are done and have a bucket or water or a hose ready in case of an emergency
  • Please be considerate of your neighbors. We ask that all fireworks usage be done by 10 PM.

Remember that Monday is the July 4th holiday so our garbage, recycling, and yard waste pick-ups will be pushed back one day.

Thank you and please have a safe July 4th weekend.

Photo by Big Bear Vacations on Pexels.com

ATV’s In Streets

Hello everyone,

The Board has received a number of complaints about residents who received ATV’s for Christmas and are driving them in the community causing hazardous conditions to pedestrians and vehicles in the streets & sidewalks. This includes ATV’s being driven out of driveways at highspeed without regard for residents and cars in the area.

The following rules are some of the laws set down by Florida on the use of ATV’s and UTV’s:

  • In Florida, an ATV may be operated on an unpaved public roadway, with a posted speed limit less than 35 m.p.h., during the day. You are not permitted to operate an ATV or UTV on any other public road, street or highway.
  • Any person under 16 years of age must be supervised by an adult during operation of an ATV or UTV.
  • Any person under 16 years of age who is operating an ATV or UTV in Florida must have in his or her possession a certificate evidencing the satisfactory completion of an approved OHV safety course, unless that person is a non-resident in Florida temporarily for a period not to exceed 30 days.
  • It is unlawful to operate an ATV or UTV in a careless or reckless manner that endangers or causes injury or damage to another person or property.

Please see the Florida Statutes page on ATV’s or Google “Florida ATV Laws” for more information on what is required.

And as New Years Eve is upon us we want to remind residents some basics on fireworks if you want to set them off:

  • Fireworks are only allowed to be setoff in your own driveway. Do not use the sidewalks or streets.
  • Please have a hose or bucket of water nearby to extinguish any fireworks as needed
  • Please cleanup after you finish
  • Please have an adult present; do not allow underage children to play with fireworks.

Thank you and have a safe holiday weekend.

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

July 4th Weekend & Fireworks

Hello residents,

If you are planning to shoot fireworks, please:

  • Shoot fireworks off in your driveway ONLY; do not do this on the sidewalk, the streets, or in the fields & retention areas
  • Please have adults supervision; children and teens must have an adult present
  • Please remove fireworks debris from your driveway and any that lands around your yard & street area when your are done
  • Please have a hose or a bucket of water handy to douse fireworks as needed

Security will be patrolling the streets to monitor activity. We urge residents to avoid shooting off their own fireworks and check out the many locations shooting off professional displays this year but if you do something at home, please be safe and be considerate of your neighbors.

Thank you and have a great holiday weekend.

Photo by Elizabeth Iris on Pexels.com