Black Bear In the Community

Hello everyone,

A large black bear was seen in our community this morning. One sighting was at 3:30 AM on Mayflower Loop and then at 6:30 AM on Bay Vista.

As you can see from this security cam picture, the bear has a bag of garbage in its mouth. It is critical that trash not be left out. Keep it in your trash can and keep the lid closed. We had an issue with bears in our community last year attracted to the area because trash cans were put out too early by many residents [pick-up was pushed back that week because of a Monday holiday].

Irene is investigating buying bear-proof trash cans. They were looked into previously when bears were reported but we could not find any due to high demand for them.

For now, please be cautious if you are walking your pets or taking a jog. Do not approach a bear nor attempt to feed them anything. Keep your trash cans inside your garage, if possible. Bears are easily scared off by noise. Please see the video below on what to do if you encounter one in the community.

We will send out any updates as they come in.

IMPORTANT: Online HOA Payment System Shut Down

We have been informed that the Sentry Management online payment site for HOA dues has been shut down on us.

If you had a payment to make this month for your dues we advise you to mail it to the Georgia address ASAP! You may wish to send it registered mail and keep records of your payment in case any problems arise.

The Board apologizes for this situation and they are working on getting us switched to our new management service as quickly as possible.

Dear residents:

The HOA Board has recently adopted new rules and regulations on covering or hiding trash and recycle cans on the exterior of your home through the use of a fence. Please stay tuned for the official announcement coming soon.

If you have immediate questions or concerns before  we send out the official notice, please contact Deborah at the Sentry offices.

Thank you.

Entrance Gate Now Accepting Long Distance Numbers

Hello everyone,

Our entrance gate system has been upgraded and now accepts long distance phone numbers to be assigned to a resident’s entry. No need to keep the 407 or 352 area code number you currently have.

If you wish to have your number changed to a new one, please contact Deborah at Sentry Management. Her contact information is:

Deborah Weage
352-243-4597 (fax)