Community Update: Recycling Issue & Community Garage Sale

Hello residents,

As you may have seen recycling was not picked up by Waste Pro our recycling today. We have heard nothing from them about why this was skipped. You are welcome to leave your recycling bin out incase they send the truck tomorrow to pick them up. No one will receive a notice for leaving your cans out. I will post any information as soon as I hear anything.

Also our next Community Garage Sale will be held Saturday, October 15th. The gates will be open from 8 AM to 2 PM.

Thank you.

After the Community Yard Sale

Hello everyone,

We had a lot of traffic into our community for our yard sale yesterday so we hope, if you participated, you had a great turn out!

Please remember: if you have bulk items (furniture, appliances, etc.) that you didn’t sell and just want to have hauled away you need to call Waste Pro at 352-343-3776. They will arrange a pick-up (normally on Fridays). Just leaving the items at the curb they will not get them picked up on garbage day.

Thank you.

Community Yard Sale Update

Several people have let the HOA know they had very successful yard sales last Saturday. We are glad we were able to get one scheduled for the residents and that the rain stayed away. We are still planning on holding one in October. The date will be decided at a future HOA meeting and announced then.

The HOA has received many complaints of residents speeding through the streets. The addition of speed bumps is being looked into by the Board.

We want to remind residents to please follow posted speed limits in the community and please be aware of pedestrians as you drive.

Thank you.