Tropical Storm Dorian Preparedness

Hello residents,

Tropical Storm Dorian is headed towards us and is projected to gain strength, possibly as high as a category 3 storm. While it is too far out to project where in Florida it will hit, we will most likely be affected by storms and wind.

You can check the current projected path at NOAA’s National Hurricane Center page HERE. On the current course we may get hit on the coast around Monday morning, but these storms can be very unpredictable so check the NHC page periodically, watch the local news casts, or the Weather Channel broadcasts to get the latest path information.

For those of you new to Florida you can check out our Storm Preparedness packet on our web site HERE.

We will send out updates here, on, and through the E-Loop when we have more information to give out.

Everyone please stay safe!

Hurricane Irma Update – Saturday 2 PM

Hello residents:

Irma is continuing it’s path up the west coast now. The hot waters in the Gulf will give it strength as it curves away from Cuba and over the Keys. Up to now we have had a cloudy, breezy day with some light bands of drizzle. We may not see any rough weather until tomorrow morning. Please stay safe and get to your home when the winds start to pick-up. The projected path below shows the storm moving by us very early Monday morning.

Hurricane Irma Saturday 2 PM

The HOA would like to thank everyone for removing items from their yard and taking in their cans ahead of the storm. Waste Management was able to get to our development and pick up all yard waste that was put out.

We hope everyone has had enough time to get the supplies they need, or the time to get loaded up and on the road if you are evacuating. Stay safe!

Hurricane Irma Update – Friday Night

Hello residents:

Irma’s path has the storm hitting South Florida on the southwest tip above the Keys. It will then travel up moving quickly north. Currently, Irma has moved over the edge of Cuba and has slowed down some. Looking at the path below, our area now may not experience heavy winds and rains until Sunday afternoon. This can give people a little more time to get ready.

Hurricane Irma Sept 8

Trash and recycling were picked up today so please put your cans away inside your garage. Waste Management has said they will be by in the morning to pick up yard waste. Please make sure it is bundled and bagged properly. If your yard waste was not picked up due to not being prepared properly, you will need to move it into your garage so it doesn’t get blown around by the storm. You will need to have it removed after the storm has passed.

As we said yesterday: please remove all items from your yard that could be blown by strong winds. Bring them inside or in your garage.

The storm center should be passing us Sunday night or early Monday morning.

Most businesses will be open tomorrow and will be closed on Sunday and Monday. The major theme parks also will be open tomorrow, though with shortened hours. They all plan on being closed Sunday and Monday, as well. Most of the theme park weekend events such as Night of Joy and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party have been cancelled. Please contact the customer service departments for these parks if you do have tickets for more information.

For the most current storm information, surf over to your local news station’s web page or tune into them on TV. I expect the local stations will switch to 24-hour storm coverage tomorrow at some point.

URGENT: Hurricane Irma Update

Hurricane Irma has shifted to the west and is coming straight up the center of the state. Here is what the local news has said:

  • Irma will hit south Florida as a Category 4
  • It will begin to loose strength being over land. I will be a Category 3 or even a 2 once it reaches Orlando
  • The current path will take the eye directly over downtown Orlando
  • We should feel the winds pick up by Saturday afternoon. Rain will begin soon after.
  • The main portion of the storm will hit our area on Sunday afternoon/evening

Hurricane Irma Sept 7

The storm can still change course (this is just the current prediction) but please prepare for the rain and winds that will be here. No matter where this storm heads now the Four Corners area will experience rough weather.

Once the trash and recycling trucks have come by please put your cans away. The HOA wants all cans put away inside your garage. Any cans found sitting outside on Saturday will be removed and stored away. Homeowners will be charged for this storage. PLEASE PUT YOUR CANS IN YOUR GARAGE!

Light items like potted plants, yard decorations, and toys must be put away to prevent them from being blown away and becoming missiles for the high winds. You have until Saturday afternoon to put these things away before the weather deteriorates.

The gates have been tied open to prevent damage in the winds and the pool & club house are now closed.

Please be careful out on 27. Northbound traffic is getting busy with people escaping the storm from the south. Because of the 27 construction, traffic is backing up from the shift down to one-lane just north of us.

Water and gas can still be found at stores. Companies are still getting products and gas delivered; the storm hasn’t stopped them, yet. You can also fill up containers and jugs with water from your own tap, too. You can also put ice in other containers and store in your freezer and allow your ice maker to make more.

If you want to put up plywood over windows but don’t know how, please watch the video below.

If you are planning on leaving the area be prepared for traffic on the major roadways going north and west. The Google Map and Waze apps for smartphones and  some GPS devices will calculate the fastest route to your destination routing you around busier roadways.

Please stay safe!

Storm Update – Wednesday Evening

Due to the approaching storm, Envera will be locking the gates open starting tomorrow and the pool & club house area will be closed until further notice.

The current path for Hurricane Irma has it going up along the east coast of Florida. Even though it might not make landfall, it is still such a large storm that the entire state will get wind and rain. One plus is the storm is expected to gain speed and move past Florida more quickly than it has been moving. Everyone please stay safe.

Hurricane Irma Sept 6

Hurricane Preparedness

Hello residents,

As we just saw with the Hurricane Harvey that recently hit Texas, hurricanes should not be underestimated. Hurricane Irma is heading West and on a potential path to, or close to, Florida. South Florida could possibly be feeling effects from Irma by Saturday.

But the storm’s path can change at any time. The path is updated throughout the day by the National Hurricane Center [NHC] and this LINK takes you to their current projection so you can stay better prepared.

Hurricane safety tips can be found at the NHC site if you’ve not been through a storm before (2004 anyone?).

We will post updates on Irma’s path during the week. Please stay safe.

Hurricane Irma Sept 4


Florida Disaster Prep Sales Tax Holiday

Florida disaster preparedness sales tax holiday starts today, June 2nd.

The 2017 Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday is an opportunity for Floridians to purchase supplies in preparation for a variety of storm-related activity,” said Leon Biegalski, executive director of the Florida Department of Revenue. “From powerful thunderstorms and tornadoes, to tropical storms and hurricanes, Florida experiences a range of potentially dangerous weather throughout summer and fall. We encourage Floridians to participate in this sales tax holiday as being proactive is in the best interest of their safety. “Businesses that sell disaster preparedness supplies in Florida have very little time to prepare for the recently enacted Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday, which was signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott on May 25. The tax-free period runs from 12:01 a.m. on Friday, June 2, 2017 through 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, June 4, 2017.

Exempt items

A variety of items related to disaster preparedness will be exempt from Florida sales tax during that time. Qualifying items include:

  • Reusable ice (reusable ice packs) costing $10 or less
  • Portable self-powered light sources selling for $20 or less
  • Gas or diesel fuel containers costing $25 or less
  • Batteries (AAA-cell, C-cell, D-cell, and 6- and 9-volt) selling for $30 or less
  • Coolers and ice chests (food-storage; nonelectrical)

Portable generators with a sales price of $750 or less also qualify, as do the following items selling for $50 or less:

  • Bungee cords
  • Ground-anchor systems
  • Ratchet straps
  • Tie-down kits
  • Two-way or weather band radios that don’t require electricity to operate
  • Visqueen or other flexible waterproof sheeting
  • Tarps

First aid kits are always exempt, no matter the price.

Additional details

Special rules apply to numerous situations during a sales tax holiday. For example:

  • Price reductions resulting from a retailer’s coupons may be used to determine whether an item qualifies for the exemption, but price reductions resulting from a manufacturer’s coupon or rebate do not.
  • Tax-exempt items purchased during the holiday with a rain check qualify for the exemption, but a rain check issued during the tax-free period does not qualify an eligible item for the exemption after the sales tax holiday.
  • Mail-order or internet sales are exempt when the order is accepted during the holiday period for immediate shipment, even if the delivery is made after the holiday period.

Check out the Florida Department of Revenue’s tip sheet for more specifics about the items eligible for purchase. Also, visit the Florida Department of Revenue website or call Taxpayer Services at (800)-352-3671.