Pool Hours & Garbage/Recycling This Week

Hello residents,

Due to a lightning strike the access system at the pools has been damaged. Until further notice the pools will be open when the security guard is present, from 12 noon to dusk each day. We hope to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Also, with the Holiday this Monday, our garbage and recycling pick-ups will be moved to Friday morning and yard waste pick-up will move to Saturday.

Thank you, and have a great Labor Day weekend!

Update on Our Pools

Hello residents,

We’ve seen an inquiry on NextDoor.com asking about our pools. At this time the pool system is awaiting needed parts due to the lightning strike the system took late last year. That strike brought down the pool pumps, the attached electrical systems , and the sprinkler system for the club house & back field area. Repairs for the sprinklers have been ongoing but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been waiting on parts to be shipped so we can get the pools running again.

These parts have started arriving, though in small batches, and we will get the pools running once all needed parts are in and installed. But once the pool pumps are repaired we will still have to follow CDC guidelines for public spaces. We hope we can reopen the pools by April 1st. We will send out updates closer to opening as well as what current CDC rules we are following at the pools.

Thank you.

Work Going On Behind the Clubhouse

Hello everyone,

We are having work done on the irrigation system in the field behind the clubhouse. If you go back there to walk please leave all markers and stakes where they are.

Also, the pools are still closed. We are awaiting an inspection on the repairs after the lightning strike as well as having a leak fixed in one of the pools. We will let everyone know as soon as they are reopened.

Thank you.

Pool Reopening Update

Hello residents,

Right now we are awaiting needed parts to be delivered to fix our pool pumps. We will reopen them as soon as the parts are in and they are repaired.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Pools Re-Opening Tomorrow

Hello residents,

The pools have been repaired and will re-open tomorrow.

Once the infection rates drop we are looking to have them open at least 1 day on the weekend.

Please remember that only residents who live in Weston Hills are allowed to the pools at this time.

Thank you.

Pool Closure Update

Hello everyone,

The pool maintenance people were unable to fix the pumps today. (They were damaged the other day by the lightning storm that blew through). The company will continue to work on it tomorrow. As for now, please plan on the pools being closed for the rest of the week. If, by some chance, the problem gets resolved in the next day or two we will re-open them. 

Thank you for your understanding with this matter.

Stay At Home Order Given by Florida Governor

The Florida Governor has announced a “stay at home” order for the next 30 days starting Thursday night to stem the rise of coronavirus infections. Only essential travel should happen (work, food, medical care). Many of us have already been following these rules but it has been made official. This means the club house, pools, and playground will remain closed at least 30 more days.

Bear Hunt for the Kids

If you are walking the neighborhood for exercise with your children you will want to have them look out for bears and other stuffed animals in people’s windows. Feel free to add a stuffed bear or other critter to your front windows so kids passing by can spot them.

Thank you.

Pool Closure Update & Traffic Pattern Change On Thursday

Good morning,

  • The closure of the pools and the pool area/club house for February has been extended indefinitely. Work was being done on the kiddie pool and extensive damage to the decking around it was discovered. The work on this area requires the area to be clear so we can’t open the other pools and just cordon off the kiddie pool. At some point after the decking is broken up, we should be able to get the 2 adult pools open to everyone as the work continues on the kiddie pool. We will get them open as soon as we can.
  • Volunteers are needed for Thursday, March 5th, to assist with traffic direction. The entry side to Weston Hills will be closed for several hours due to two trees being taken down along the Weston Hills Blvd between the gates and Brook Hollow Rd. All traffic will need to come in and out of the exit gate starting at 9 AM and volunteers are needed to help traffic flow. If you do not need to go out that day we advise residents to just avoid the area. Also, if you have vendors or deliveries if you can reschedule them for that day that would help the traffic. If you can help us please email WestonHillsHOA@gmail.com or call 609-705-5733.

We thank our residents for their patience and understanding in this matter.