Road Work on Weston Hills Blvd Next Week

Road resurfacing will be done on the entrance area of our community on Weston Hills Blvd from Highway 27 up to Brook Hollow Road.

This will begin on Wednesday the 15th and should be done by the 17th. The company will have workmen directing traffic and it will require one-way sections on the entrance during this time. Please pay attention and drive carefully!

Thank you.

Board Change & Sticker Reminder

Hello residents,

We want to let everyone know that at last night’s HOA meeting a change to our HOA board was made: Irene Martello has returned to serve on the board in the Vice President position. Keon Evens will remain as President and Ricardo Mesorana will remain as Secretary.

And don’t forget about the gate sticker sale today (2-5 PM) and tomorrow (1-5 PM) at the club house. The stickers have been discounted to $20 for this sale. Check or money order only and you must have the vehicle with you when you make your purchase. All residents are required to have a sticker so please stop by.

Have a great weekend!

Tropical Storm Nicole Update #2

Hello everyone,

Nicole is on the same basic path though it has drifted a bit further north. Since the storm is passing over us on Thursday I have been trying to reach Waste Pro about our pick-up that day (been on hold for 25 minutes already). I am sure they will cancel services that day but I am trying to find out if they will move our service to Friday or blow us off completely like they did for Ian and we won’t get anything until Thursday of next week.

When I get their response I will post again. I would not put out your cans unless we get confirmation they will be here on storm day (again, I feel this is unlikely).

For more information on the Storm, please see the latest NOAA posting.