Trash/Recycling/Yard-Waste Delayed Because of Tropical Storm Nicole

I just got word that Waste Pro has canceled the Thursday pick-ups in the area and we treat it as a holiday. So Garbage and recycling will be picked-up on Friday and yard waste on Saturday.

By Thursday evening most of the rain should have moved out of our area so put your cans out then or early Friday morning.

Thank you.

Garbage & Recycling Reminder

We want to remind everyone that the garbage truck will not pick up items outside of your garbage can. This is the same for the recycle bin: cardboard boxes outside of the can, broken down or not, do NOT get picked up by the drivers. You need to breakdown, and if needed, cut up into pieces that will fit into your can. If enough trash or cardboard is laying around your cans the truck might even pass your location by and not empty anything.

Please see our Garbage & Recycling Page for more information as well as the phone number to call to have bulk items like furniture picked up.

Thank you.

Thanksgiving Week Update

Please be aware with Thanksgiving being on Thursday, garbage & recycling will be picked-up Friday morning and yard waste will be picked up Saturday morning. Please do not put your garbage & recycling bins out Wednesday night. Please put them out Thursday night.

If you see a vehicle try to run the gate arms and hit them please contact Irene at 609-705-5733. Especially if an arm is knocked out of place. With the date and approximate time we can get the license plate of the vehicle from our cameras. Drivers who hit the gate and are identified can be fined for this damage and more. Please tell any visitors you have coming to not try and run the gate as they will be held liable. When we are unable to bill a driver for gate damages, the money to repair comes from the HOA coffers so ultimately the residents can end up paying for the damages by paying higher HOA dues. Prevent this by reporting anyone you see hitting the gate arms.

If you place an order with DoorDash, Uber Eats or any other delivery service, please add them to your Envera gate list! We have unnecessary back-ups at the kiosk because residents do not do this, and Envera must call the address to try and confirm. If this continues to be a problem, Envera will be instructed to deny entry to meal delivery services that are not listed on the home’s visitor list.

If you are unsure how to add visitors to your gate list, please see our Envera Gate FAQ page.

We want to thank our resident, Mark, for decorating our front entrance.

Garbage/Recycling Pick-Up & Construction Areas At the Club House

Hello everyone,

Even though today is a holiday [Veteran’s Day] this will not shift our pick-up days back by a day. Garbage/Recycling will be tomorrow and yard waste will be Friday. Thank you to Jessica for bringing this to our attention.

We also want to let everyone know that there are areas in front of the club house and in the back field that are now taped off with caution tape for ongoing irrigation work. Please do not enter these areas until work is done and the tape is removed. Also please let your children know who wait for the bus to stay out of these areas. We do not want anyone getting hurt.

Thank you.

Trash/Recycling/Yard Waste This Coming Week and More

With Monday being a holiday, all pick-ups will be one day later:

  • Trash & Recycling pick-ups will be Friday morning
  • Yard Waste pick-up will be Saturday morning

Also, we want to make you aware that the mailboxes in our community will be replaced near the end of the month. More information is coming soon so please monitor our web page or your emails for any E-Loop messages. We will post updates in both places as they are made available.

Thank you and enjoy the holiday weekend.