URGENT: Hurricane Irma Update

Hurricane Irma has shifted to the west and is coming straight up the center of the state. Here is what the local news has said:

  • Irma will hit south Florida as a Category 4
  • It will begin to loose strength being over land. I will be a Category 3 or even a 2 once it reaches Orlando
  • The current path will take the eye directly over downtown Orlando
  • We should feel the winds pick up by Saturday afternoon. Rain will begin soon after.
  • The main portion of the storm will hit our area on Sunday afternoon/evening

Hurricane Irma Sept 7

The storm can still change course (this is just the current prediction) but please prepare for the rain and winds that will be here. No matter where this storm heads now the Four Corners area will experience rough weather.

Once the trash and recycling trucks have come by please put your cans away. The HOA wants all cans put away inside your garage. Any cans found sitting outside on Saturday will be removed and stored away. Homeowners will be charged for this storage. PLEASE PUT YOUR CANS IN YOUR GARAGE!

Light items like potted plants, yard decorations, and toys must be put away to prevent them from being blown away and becoming missiles for the high winds. You have until Saturday afternoon to put these things away before the weather deteriorates.

The gates have been tied open to prevent damage in the winds and the pool & club house are now closed.

Please be careful out on 27. Northbound traffic is getting busy with people escaping the storm from the south. Because of the 27 construction, traffic is backing up from the shift down to one-lane just north of us.

Water and gas can still be found at stores. Companies are still getting products and gas delivered; the storm hasn’t stopped them, yet. You can also fill up containers and jugs with water from your own tap, too. You can also put ice in other containers and store in your freezer and allow your ice maker to make more.

If you want to put up plywood over windows but don’t know how, please watch the video below.

If you are planning on leaving the area be prepared for traffic on the major roadways going north and west. The Google Map and Waze apps for smartphones and  some GPS devices will calculate the fastest route to your destination routing you around busier roadways.

Please stay safe!

Rodent Prevention Issues in Community

Hello everyone,

There has been a recent issues with rodent problems in some homes in our community. Rodent and animal removal can be expensive. The best way to combat them is to remove food sources and possible shelter areas. Please click this link for more information from the CDC on preventing rodent infestations.
The main issue we want to bring up is removing food sources for rodents. Pet food left out for cats & dogs or throwing food out for squirrels and birds in your yard will attract rodents. If you must feed a pet outside, do not leave the food out for a long period of time. Be aware that bird seed can also attract rodents. The CDC recommends keeping the feeder away from your house and use a squirrel guard to prevent rodents from getting into them. If there is a large amount of spilled seed under your feeder, try and remove as much of the excess as possible.
Also inspect the exterior of your home. Look for holes or pushed up areas on your sofits (the metal screen pieces under your roof allowing air flow through your attic) and other areas in your eaves. Seal up cracks and holes to prevent possible entry. If you suspect an infestation you can hire a pest control service to come and inspect. But remember: rodent prevention is much less expensive than rodent removal. Prevent it before they move in to your attic or walls.
If you do see rodents in or around your home, depending on the severity of the infestation, you may be able to take care of the issue by using traps. Please see the CDC page for tips on using them. If traps aren’t working you will need to turn to a professional exterminator.
If you suspect an abandoned or un-cared for yard or home is a haven for rodents please let the HOA know by emailing us. Thank you.

Community Update

Hello everyone,

  • Bus pick-up/drop-off will resume at the Club House tomorrow.
  • Striping of the streets has been pushed back to the 9th or 10th because the roads have not fully set yet.
  • The Board would like to give a huge thank you to all volunteers who have helped out during the resurfacing, especially helping to monitor the temporary bus stop out on 27. Thank you, again! We are happy to see how our residents came together to help everyone out!

Please Read: Safety Issues

Good Day Dear Residents,

RE: Unsafe Conditions & UN-RULY Children

This morning we had an issues with UN-RULY Children from the community throwing rocks at our Landscape Vendors at the Bus Stop inside of Weston Hills.
The Children were surrounded by adults who did NOT step in to reprimand them for their BAD behavior.

A week ago the school bus driver had to stop his bus after he entered the gates to Weston Hills causing a back-up onto Hwy 27.
When the volunteers of Weston Hills saw the backup, the volunteer RAN up to the Gate to see how they could HELP!
This is because people have been killed in front of the community due to back up of traffic on Hwy 27.
The Bus Stop was moved from Hwy 27 to inside the community to keep the children safe.

The Bus driver had to stop the bus due to un-safe driving conditions due to UN-RULY Children AGAIN!

Living in Weston Hills is a privilege for the children. Where else can they have 2 pools, a kid feature, playground, tennis & basketball court?

The community only asks that they be courteous to ALL other residents and visitors of the community, not to play around the clubhouse while waiting for the bus.

After the incident of the Bus having to stop in front of the gates, I will be attending the next SAC meeting to ask that all UN-RULY children be suspended from the bus and if they are unwilling to do that to move the Bus Stop back to Hwy 27.

If you have children please review with them the expectations the community has regarding courteous treatment to ALL Residents & Visitors of Weston Hills.

Thank you for your time, Weston Hills Board of Directors

Hurricane Matthew Info – Updated

I will post any area information I hear about on this page. Please refresh this page for added info.


2:47 PM – The front gates, entrance and exit, have been tied open and the gate arms removed to prevent damage.

2:47 PM – The Disney Parks are closing at 5 PM today and staying closed through tomorrow.

2:49 PM – Publix at Golden Eagle Village – No decision as of yet on operation changes.

3:01 PM – Lake County schools closed today and tomorrow.

3:03 PM – SeaWorld and Discovery closed today and tomorrow. Universal parks are now closed and will remain closed tomorrow.

3:07 PM – Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs has said all roads in Orange County should be cleared by 5 PM and all residents be off the roads.

3:31 PM – The Clermont Performing Arts Center is closed today and tomorrow; all events have been cancelled.

4:25 PM – Certain on/off ramps to 429 are being closed soon due to expected high winds (the intersections with elevated ramps). The off ramp at 429/441 is one example.

9:42 PM – News is reporting the worst of the weather will hit us in the early morning hours, roughly 3 AM to 6 AM. 60 MPH winds are being forecast for our area.

8:33 AM – Report price gouging to the FL Attorney General: 866-9NO-SCAM


Hurricane Hermine

Hello residents,

As of now Hurricane Hermine [formerly Tropical Storm #9] is expected to hit Florida north of us near the “Big Bend” area of the State sometime on Thursday afternoon/evening. Because of it’s location and only being a Category 1 storm, we aren’t expecting damaging  winds or tornado activity from the storm in the Clermont area. But we are expected to get heavy rain at times. Please drive carefully.

Also, keep monitoring your local news and radio stations for weather reports. If the storm changes its path it could make our weather worse. You can obtain current information about all storms and disturbances at the NOAA web site.

This is the current projected path for the storm:

Hurricane Hermine

Some Pool Reminders

We want to remind residents about some pool rules:

  • Visitors to the pool under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult (18+ years)
  • Visitors 16 to 18 years old do not require an adult with them, but may not chaperone children under 16 years old
  • Please obey all safety rules posted around the pool areas, and please clean-up after your group when you leave the pool area

Thank you!

Hurricane Preparedness

Hello everyone,

Tropical Storm Colin is approaching our state. Right now, the path shows it hitting up at the panhandle, but it is a good time to think about hurricane preparedness, especially our residents who have not been through one before (it has been over 10 years since Central Florida was directly hit by a hurricane).

Check out the State of Florida’s Hurricane Preparedness page for lots of information your family can use to stay safe.

Plan ahead and keep your family safe, everyone!

Hurricaen Colin 2016

You can find up-to-date course information for Tropical Storm Colin HERE and at the National Hurricane Center/NOAA web site.

Community Update

Hello everyone:

First, we want to let everyone know the basketball and tennis courts will be closed on May 9th for 10 to 14 days as they are refurbished. Please let your family members know to stay away from the courts until they are completed and reopened. We will get the word out to everyone as quickly as we can when they are.

Our second issue concerns people jogging and walking on the streets. We urge residents to please use the sidewalks. We recently had a person in the street almost hit by a driver who could not see them as they went around a corner. And often people are wearing headphones while outside exercising so it makes it difficult to hear approaching vehicles. Thank you for your help in this matter.