Pool & Front Gate Updates

Hello residents,

The HOA & Premier want to remind everyone of our pool rules. The pools are now quite busy with the hot weather here and we ask everyone please refresh yourself with them. They would like to stress the rule about wearing proper swim suits in the pools. Cut-off jeans are not allowed as the material threads get into the system and can clog the filters.

Next we want to remind all residents that they are required to have gate sticker on your car for access and to please add any vendors you use to your Envera access list. Most questions can be answered on our Envera Gate web page. We are getting more and more reports from Envera on these two incident types. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Please Water Your Yards

Hello residents,

The HOA has noticed many yards are not being watered. With the heat and lack of rain many yards are dying. Please water your lawns. We are allowed to run sprinkles twice a week (Wed/Sat for odd number addresses, Thu/Sun for even addresses) and hand/spot watering is allowed at any time.

If your lawn is lost due to not watering you will receive a notice to resod.

Thank you.

Time Change This Weekend

Don’t forget we jump forward 1 hour this weekend (Saturday night when you go to sleep). Pool & Playground hours will change to 9 AM to 7 PM starting Sunday.

With the time change our watering schedule also changes to twice a week. See the chart below. Thank you.

Spring Yard Cleanup

Hello everyone,

The HOA Board would like to let everyone know it is time to do cleanup on your yards, homes and driveways/walkways. The following items should be completed to avoid receiving a notice from Premier:

  • Pressure washing driveways, sidewalks, swales and aprons
  • Pressure washing the sides of your house including gutters and soffits
  • Pressure washing fences and garage doors
  • Lawns should be in good shape and kept mowed. Resodding may be necessary.
  • Shrubs and bushes can not be over 6 feet tall – please trim them to, or below, this height
  • Edge along sidewalks/driveways/street so grass is not growing over out of your yard area
  • Remove weeds from flower/mulch/rock beds
  • If you have a tree with branches over the street they must be trimmed to be 15 feet above the street to allow trash truck clearance. Tree limbs over your yard should have a 12 foot clearance under them.

Cleanup should be done by April 10th to avoid a violation letter.

During your clean-up please remember that yard waste must be in paper bags for them to be picked up on Friday. If you do clean outs of your garage and you have large items that need to be removed, please call Waste Pro ( 407-774-0800, Option 1) to schedule a Friday pick-up or find out where the items can be disposed of. Also check our Trash/Recycling/Yard Waste page for more info.

These are all items that will be looked out for by the management company as they inspect yards in the coming months.

The HOA Board thanks you for your assistance in keeping our community looking good.

Pools Update

The HOA Board would like to remind everyone the pools are closed at this time. Parts are on order and we are just waiting for them to be delivered so they can be installed. We hope to have them up by this weekend but definitely by next week. I will post when they are back up and running.

Thank you.