Yesterday’s Hail Storm

Hello residents,

I’m sure most of you know/went through the 20-minute hail storm in our community yesterday at about 5 PM. As you begin clean-up of your driveways and yards, please remember that your leaves and debris must not be blown into the streets and left there, or down the sewer drains. Place debris in a bio-degradable lawn bag or in your own trash can [not the ones picked-up by Waste Pro on Thursdays] for yard waste pick-up on Friday. If you place debris in a regular trash bag you must dispose of it yourself with your regular garbage (IE-must fit into the Waste Pro can) or take it to the dump facility on Log House Road [Open on Wednesdays and Saturdays].

Please be courteous to your neighbors and don’t blow your leaves and debris onto their yards. Let’s all work together to keep our community looking nice.

Waste Pro will not take yard waste in the cans that are used for trash and recycling nor will they take debris in plastic garbage bags; again: use your own can or place in the lawn bags that you can get at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Also, be aware that with all the areas affected by the hail storm, Waste Pro will be picking up more debris than usual at more homes. Be patient if they don’t pick-up on Friday. They may come Saturday or even the week after (remember after the last hurricane).

Finally, the weather service is predicting more severe storms with hail this afternoon. We hope we don’t go through this a 2nd day in a row, but please be careful.


2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Hail Storm

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  2. When are they going to clean the streets

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