Clarifications on Yard Waste Pick-Up

Cheryl G. in Greater Groves reached out to Vincent Vadney, Division Manager, Waste Pro of Florida to clarify the new rules on yard waste pick-up bags. You can read the full posting on NextDoor HERE. There is more information at the post if you want a deeper dive into the conversation. I have posted the major bullet points below to help answer questions residents may still have.

1) We can no longer use regular large green plastic bags to hold leaves. Due to a clause in Waste Pro’s contract with Lake County, bags must be biodegradable or compostable. Biodegradable plastic bags are acceptable as are the Lowe’s type lawn and leaf bags. But again, even the paper must be biodegradable or compostable.

2) The drivers have been shown examples of biodegradable bags. However, he did state that it was a learning process. My advice would be to take a picture of the packaging as proof if the bags themselves are not labeled. That way if you catch the operators you can show them and/or email that photo to Waste Pro if the biodegradable bags were not picked up.

3) Bags will be tossed into the trucks along with the leaves meaning the drivers should no longer be leaving them at the curb. My advice, if you find your empty biodegradable bags back on the curb, complain.

4) Any store bought trash cans are acceptable. Waste Pro recommends the heavy duty ones because they are more durable, won’t break as easily and will last longer. I did not ask about using our recycling or trash cans because I’m 100% certain that’s a no-no. Also he would have suggested that if it was okay. He also didn’t say we will get special cans from them so again, I’m absolutely sure Waste Pro won’t provide special cans for yard waste.