Gate Sticker Sale

To all our residents:

We have had reports from Envera, our gate system, saying that more and more residents are coming through the visitor’s lane because they do not have a gate sticker on their car or vehicle. The kiosk should be for your guests and vendors to gain access. All Weston Hills residents are required to have a gate sticker for access.

On Friday the 20th from 2-5 PM, and Saturday the 21st from 1-5 PM, we will be selling gate stickers for just $20 each. Money order and check can only be accepted, and your vehicle must be there with you. The stickers will be sold at the club house.

Envera has also let us know that some residents are cursing out the gate attendants who man the kiosk. The guards are simply doing their job. Please be civil when speaking with them. Thank you.

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