Freezing Weather for Christmas Weekend

Hello residents,

Extremely cold weather is headed our way for the weekend. Temperatures will be in the 20’s and 30’s. Here are some quick tips:

  • Bring in vulnerable plants (orchids, plumerias, etc.) or cover them with a blankets and sheets. Do not use plastic sheeting. Leave them covered until Monday.
  • Pets should not be left outside. Please keep them inside your house or garage during this time.
  • Turn off your sprinklers. Running them during the cold will cause ice to form on your grass; it’s pretty but it will damage your lawn.
  • Leave your pool pump running to prevent the pipes freezing
  • Covering exposed water lines and faucets will prevent freezing. You can also leave outdoor faucets on a small trickle to prevent freezing
  • Do not pour hot water on your car windshield to melt ice! You can crack your windshield this way. Use an ice scraper and/or spray water from a hose until it melts enough away that your wipers will remove the rest.

Please stay safe this weekend and Happy Holidays to all our residents!

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2 thoughts on “Freezing Weather for Christmas Weekend

  1. Many thanks useful !

    Merry Christmas!

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  2. Thank you for the information. The best coverings for plants would be landscape fabric. It is very lightweight and will not damage plants. Damage can still occur as it will with any covering, but it is not to heavy for plants. As for hot water for car windows frost and or ice is not a concern as it will only be below freezing for a brief time.

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