Tropical Storm Nicole Update #2

Hello everyone,

Nicole is on the same basic path though it has drifted a bit further north. Since the storm is passing over us on Thursday I have been trying to reach Waste Pro about our pick-up that day (been on hold for 25 minutes already). I am sure they will cancel services that day but I am trying to find out if they will move our service to Friday or blow us off completely like they did for Ian and we won’t get anything until Thursday of next week.

When I get their response I will post again. I would not put out your cans unless we get confirmation they will be here on storm day (again, I feel this is unlikely).

For more information on the Storm, please see the latest NOAA posting.

4 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Nicole Update #2

  1. I wish you had a better way to notify residents to NOT put their cans out. My vacation home neighbor on Wilshire already has an overflowing barrel of garbage at the curb and it is only Tuesday afternoon. Not only will it cause a mess but it may create flying hazards that could cause property damage or bodily harm. The neighbor behind me on Brook Hollow never puts away or secures anything in their backyard. It would be nice if more people were considerate.

    • I wish we did, too. But unfortunately only about half of the homes subscribe to this blog post and I have no sway to get Premier to send out emails (they have an email for every home owner). If you know a way to get info like this out to everyone maybe we can get info out to all homes.

  2. They still haven’t picked up all the yard waste from Hurricane Ian yet. Looks like they picked up the big piles, but there are still piles of stuff at several houses that haven’t been picked up.

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    • Yes, we have a resident who keeps calling them to check on status of pick ups. They are aware some piles have not been collected and keep telling us they are working on it. Someone in the community offered to pick up all the remaining storm debris but the dump facility won’t let him bring it there since he is a “business” and they are only allowing residents to bring their own yard waste.

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