Subtropical Storm Nicole Update 1

Good morning everyone,

We now have Subtropical Storm Nicole making its way towards Florida. The current path has it coming ashore early on Thursday. We are looking at rain for several days with some wind gusts possibly starting on Wednesday. There are warnings out for beach goers about rough surf and rip currents already affecting them starting as early as today.

This storm could cancel or delay our garbage/recycling pick-up again and cause further headaches on yard-waste pick-up (which appears to have finally been done on Friday).

I will post when there is more information to get out to everyone. Please stay safe!

4 thoughts on “Subtropical Storm Nicole Update 1

  1. Good morningYou mentioned yard waste was picked up.  They picked up half of our pile two Fridays ago, but the rest of it is still sitting there. Dan Kemp15837 Bay Vista Drive

    • I have seen a few homes that is was not picked up and I don’t know why. I know one of our residents has been calling Waste Pro every few days. I’ll let them know to call and tell them some homes have not been done.

  2. My lawn debris pickup was performed in Phase I on Saturday morning at 7:15.

    • I’m glad to hear more piles are getting removed. There are still some on Autumn Glen they need to collect. With the storm coming I’m sure it won’t be until next week at least.

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