HOA Meeting & Recycling

Hello everyone,

A reminder that our monthly HOA meeting will be this Thursday, July 21st, at 6:30 PM inside the club house. The agenda for the meeting has been posted on out Meeting Minutes page.

As for the recycling issue: I have heard that Waste Pro will pick up both cans this week but your recycling can will be emptied into the truck with the trash. Then no recycling pick up for a few weeks. Right now projected date for a return to the regular pick-up schedule is the week of August 15th.

There are several postings on NextDoor.com about this issue in our area. Some people have been in touch with the County Commissioner over this problem. They were told Waste Pro is being fined each day they do not provide the service they were contracted for and that fine amount will be applied to residents’ property taxes. I can’t vouch for the validity of this but feel free to go to NextDoor and type in “Waste Pro” in the search bar, then scroll down to the postings if you want to read or participate in the discussions.

If the pick-up schedule resumes early or there is some other change I will post it here.

Thank you.

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