Fence Damage & Storage Shed

To our residents,

Sometime over the weekend the fence on the south side of the community was badly damaged. It appears someone might have run an ATV or motorbike into the fence post. If anyone has any information on this incident or who is responsible please contact the HOA or Premier Management. This is going to be costly to repair and will come out of our HOA budget so ultimately residents will be paying for this through future increases in dues.

Thank you.

Another issue the HOA Board would like to bring to everyone’s attention is to let them know about the new storage shed that is being constructed where the old one was. There is a FaceBook page for Weston Hills that is not run or authorized by the HOA or Premier Management. On there some residents were upset about the construction of the new shed. Again, the information on this page is not monitored or controlled by the Board or Premier.

The shed was discussed and approved at previous HOA meetings and we try and put important things up on the web page, but if you have a question or concern about something in the community, please do not go to the FaceBook page and complain. The moderator of this page has blocked HOA Board members from joining so the postings on there can be very one-sided. Instead, reach out to the HOA or Premier Management to get the facts and/or discuss your concerns. You can also go to the Meeting Minutes page and read about what was discussed at previous gatherings.

The county ordered the old shed to be removed as it was not built on a cement pad, but on the ground, and after 15 years it was beginning to rot. The new shed is built on a cement pad, and will now accommodate the golf cart (along with power to keep it charging) and storage space for the community Christmas decorations (thus freeing up space in the pool area storage rooms).

Thank you.