Reminder: Pool Rules

Hello everyone,

The HOA Board would like to remind residents that the current restrictions at the pools have not been lifted. This is in direct reference to what can be brought into the pool area.

The only items allowed at this time are towels and bottle water. Flotation devices, coolers, including individual foods and drinks may not be brought in at this time. For small children “floaties” are allowed. Until COVID restrictions are lifted by the CDC we do not want to put any residents at risk so we are still following the guidelines set up when the pools were re-opened.

We also want to let residents know that when there is lightning within 10 miles of the area the pools are shutdown for your safety. Please do not argue with the security guard, they are there to make sure rules are followed. You can read all our rules for our pools HERE.

Our Board would like nothing more than to fully open the pools for everyone without restrictions but until COVID infections in our state drop to an acceptable level we must follow these rules.

Thank you.