Pool Reopening April 2nd for Weston Hills Residents Only

Dear residents,

Our pools will be reopening April 2nd from 11 AM to 7 PM each day, for now. We are following CDC guidelines to be able to reopen. Please read the rules below. These rules will be lifted in the future as we move forward and CDC guidelines relax.

*The pools are open for Weston Hills residents only at this time. Security guards will be checking temperature and ID’s. Please remember to bring your ID for them. Family members who do not reside in Weston Hills are not currently allowed. We will lift this restrictions in the near future as CDC guidelines change.

*All residents over the age of 3 years must wear a mask when not in the water.

*Social distancing of 6 feet apart is to be practiced by everyone.

*Restricted occupancy of 10 people per pool.

*Please take all your belongings when exiting the pool area.

*No food or drinks allowed at this time.

*No personal chairs, strollers, coolers, pool toys or floats.

*All children must be accompanied by a parent when using the bathrooms.

Again, please follow the current rules until further CDC updates arrive. All current rules still apply, and will be enforced by the security guards, including:

*All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult

*Bikes must be parked at the bike rack; they are not allowed near the pools or outside the entrance.

The playground, tennis courts, and basketball courts will remain closed for now. CDC guidelines require that all equipment there needs to be sprayed down after each use and we do not have the manpower or the funds to follow these rules. We will revisit the guidelines as the CDC makes changes and will open this area as soon as possible.

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