More Info on Our Gate Kiosk

May 15, 2017

Dear Residents,

We are quickly reaching the cut off for the new Drivers’ License Kiosk at the entrance, and which is on May 16th!

No one but 911 Personnel will be allowed into the community without ID.  The preferred form of ID is a Drivers’ License or State ID.

The Board of Directors instituted this new policy after complaints from numerous owners.

The complaints were basically regarding vendors and guests who were using the PIN’s for entry into the community without going to that PIN’s home. The PIN left the person visiting as unidentified inside the community.   All PIN’s are now inactive.

This meant we had people in the community who were NOT invited, and they were driving the neighborhood without a destination.  We had groups of non-owner invited kids wandering the community as well using the common areas.

Community volunteers have been threatened & cursed at by non-owners and that is not appropriate behavior. Remember your volunteers save the community a great deal of Money each year!

The Drivers’ License is a legal form of ID at the gate and the kiosk does not use the strip on the back to look up background information on any person. The only thing used is the picture to identify the person in case there is an issue (i.e. they do not leave the community, or they have broken something in the community common area).

Please make sure your vendors and visitors are aware of this change, and that they know we are not performing background checks.

Volunteers monitor the gates to make sure that traffic is NOT piling up on Hwy 27.

Remember all the guards at the gate should be treated with respect, and visitors should not be cussing out the guard at the gate nor any volunteer.

If you have any issues please feel free to attend the next Board of Directors Meeting on Thursday 5/18 at 6:30 PM at the Clubhouse. We look forward to hearing and addressing any issues you have.

For the Board of Directors

Sheila McCollum, CAM, CFCAM


Extra gate tags for your windshield are available. Please call the Board phone number at 609-705-5733 to request one. Someone will contact you to set up getting another one to you.