Gate Schedule Change

Dear residents,

The arms have been replaced at the front gate today. The original gates behind the arms are on a new schedule:

6 AM to 9 AM the gates will be OPEN
9 AM to 3 PM the gates will be CLOSED
3 PM to 8 PM the gates will be OPEN
8 PM to 6 AM the gates will be CLOSED

This schedule should prevent the recent incidents of contractors trying to run the arms and hitting them. Adjustments will be made as necessary.

There was also an incident today where a resident was yelling and cursing at the Envera guard over the kiosk speaker because they had a visitor behind their car they wanted let through the gates. Please be aware that the guards cannot add visitors over the gate speaker system. They can’t verify the resident is who they say there are. Visitors have to be added through the phone app, computer, or by phone. The resident could have also had their guest talk to the Envera guard and have them call the resident’s home. If you have any questions about adding visitors please see our web site page.