Problems With Trash Pick-Up [UPDATED]

Hello everyone,

The trash service had issues today with the pick-up. Cans were knocked over by the lifting mechanism because of both cans being too close together. The workers picked up the larger stuff but smaller pieces have been left on the ground.
Please remember to leave a 4-foot distance between the cans to allow enough room for the arm to grab the individual cans.
You may need to place them on opposite ends of your driveway if you need to allow vehicles to come in or go out while they are waiting to be picked-up. Please make sure your bins are closed and the wheels are facing toward your home.
Thank you.
UPDATE: If you need bulk items picked-up please call 1-884-835-3661 to schedule.

One thought on “Problems With Trash Pick-Up [UPDATED]

  1. I would like to THANK ALL residents for all their cooperation today There are a few minor adjustments to be made and they are wheels facing your house 1 can on each side of the driveway lid MUST be closed so when they lift the can nothing falls out also nothing to be along side of cans will not be picked up any bulk items you must call 1-884-835-3661 THANKS AGAIN from your President

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