Thank You to Our Volunteers

A BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers from this past Saturday.
We had a very productive work day on May 17th.  Our clubhouse received a very deep cleaning, our front entry at the front gate was replanted and our street signs are now up to state compliance.
A special thank you to Edwin Sanchez and Sam Martello for all the hard work with the signage.  I would also like to thank Elvio Clai for his assistance in an assessing an unexpected mechanical issue on Saturday.
Pamm Clarke, Irene Martello and Carole Bennett, thank you for the thorough deep cleaning of the clubhouse and the several other volunteers who helped with the power washing.
We have scheduled re-strapping of our patio chairs this week.  Chairs at te pool will be available, but a limited number, so please be aware of this situation for approximately the next week or two.
Also, all residents need to be aware of the new traffic signs in the community.  The signage at the roundabout has changed to Yield signs.  Once our pavement markings are completed the Lake County Sheriff’s Department WILL BEGIN ENFORCEMENT.  Please begin to become accustomed to the new traffic pattern.
Thank you.
Joseph Felsman

HOA President