June HOA Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Weston Hills HOA web site!

Here are notes from last night’s HOA meeting:

  1. Many thanks go out to one of our residents who volunteered their time and materials used in last month’s mailings. We are hoping to make a newsletter a regular event, though to save on postage it will be sent out in an E-Loop, available here on the web site or in a printed form at the front gate. If you would like to contribute any items for future newsletters please send them to WestonHillsHOA@gmail.com and we will forward them on.
  2. We would like to congratulate Joseph Felsman. He was appointed to the HOA Board to fill our vacant position. This position will be up for election in November.
  3. The Board has signed the paperwork with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to allow them to come into the community and enforce state traffic laws (speeding, stop sign running, wrong round-a-bout direction). Please remember to obey all traffic rules in the community.
  4. With July 4th coming up we want to remind all residents that Florida law prohibits the use of any fireworks considered to be illegal. You can learn more HERE or do an Internet search on “Florida” and “fireworks”. If you witness activity that is dangerous or disturbing please call the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to report it.
  5. We want to thank everyone who came to the Meet and Greet recently, and a big thanks to the events committee members who put it all together. We are planning a community gathering in July and will let everyone know the details soon.
  6. Our next HOA meeting will be Thursday, July 18th, 6:30 PM at the Club House

Everyone have a safe July 4th holiday!